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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - '56 Set Needs

Either my scanner is busted or the computer it's hooked up to is busted or maybe they're both busted or perhaps I died in a tragic violent accident and the idea that I am typing on my laptop right now is just a desperate dream of my subconscious soul in the afterlife, refusing to accept harsh reality and finally accept my own death so I can move on in this astral journey. I'm thinking it's the USB port on the computer though or maybe the cable if I'm really lucky. In other words, no team set right now, I'm going to show off more card show pickups from months ago because they're already scanned and what else is a wandering soul to do? Have some 1956 Topps cards.

Not gonna fib, I've completely forgotten why I picked these particular 4 cards to add to my '56 Topps set. This one might have been a buck but I don't think so. It's a Pirate card with the odd batting helmet hat and it looks like it's a rookie card and I don't like the birthday. Part of me wants to check to see Art's career on Baseball-Reference but a small voice is warning me that it's quite possible that those two innings with four earned runs are all there is to see. I shall simply wonder, for now.

Here's Smok(e)y Forrest of the Cincinnati "We hate those damned commies" Redlegs. They hated commies so much they changed the primary color on the uniform to blue and looked like a Chicago Cubs farm team. That's dedication to hatin' commies. When I was about ten years old I went to a local card shop and one of the cards I picked out was a 1959 Topps Smokey Burgess card. The guy behind the counter actually made fun of me for wanting to buy a Smokey Burgess card. That guy was, is, and will always be, an asshole.

So, anyway, fuck that guy. This card has an awesome shot of a play at second base.

WHAAAAAA MICKEY. I know why I picked this card, Mickey's a helluva player even though nobody knows who the hell he is anymore. Look at the back, he's wearing TWO PUFFY HATS AT THE SAME TIME. Now look at the front. Someone's lying in a cloud of dust looking through an umpire's crotch. Do you see that on today's flagship? Nope.

BOOOOOOOOOOONE. Is the MLB done with Boones yet? We got Ray, Bob and Bret, is there a fourth hiding somewhere in the minors ready to continue the tradition? Maybe Boone IV said forget all the baseball nonsense, I'm going to work in the automotive industry but TRAGEDY it was destroyed by home runs. Thanks Obama. Ray's action photo is the actioniest and that's saying something in this set.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Bret's brother Aaron.

The Junior Junkie said...

I miss the comics on the back. Man, the comics were a great touch. They would never do that nowadays.

And to hell with that anti-Smoky commie prick. You should laugh at him for selling that card.