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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Joy of a completed Team Set - 1986 Topps Atlanta Braves

I can't write worth a flip right now even though I have a dozen posts all scanned and uploaded and ready to go once I think of some words. I am good at sorting and cataloging and scanning though. My 1986-2013 Topps Braves sets are finally in order after years of procrastination. Sadly, this is the only completed set of the bunch. Traded cards are my nemesis right now. At least I can knock this set off the wantlist. Enjoy the junk wax!


Captain Canuck said...

I still need the Murph All Star, 4T Assenmacher, 75T Moreno and 111T Thomas.

one day...

Anonymous said...

Runge card! Sutter card!

The set looks really good, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Ho ancora bisogno del Murph All Star, 4T Assenmacher, 75T Moreno e 111T Thomas.

un giorno ...

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