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Saturday, April 13, 2013

2002 Topps Heritage Want List

I can't complete all the Heritage sets, but if I put my mind to it I bet I can complete this one. A bunch of the cards on this list are already in the FrankenSet so I can scrounge them if needed. I'm probably also going to go for the 2013 set as well but I'm not putting together a list until I get some more of that stuff.

10 Randy Johnson Night SP
*17 Tom Glavine
25 Rafael Furcal Night SP
*36 Mark McGwire
37 Chipper Jones SP
53 Alex Rodriguez SP
63 Jeff Cirillo Night SP
*77 Tino Martinez
92 Johnny Damon Night SP
*101 Boof Bonser
*109 Rich Aurilia
*128 Jermaine Dye
*145 Frank Thomas
*168 Rondell White
*186 Gookie Dawkins
*221 Steve Sparks
*231 Orlando Cabrera
*269 Mark Buehrle
*276 Chris Carpenter
292 Joaquin Benoit
*293 Ken Caminiti
299 John Smoltz
*310 Brian Jordan
*355 Jason Bay
*364 Albert Pujols SP
371 Mike Piazza SP
*373 Todd Helton SP
375 Mariano Rivera SP
377 Tony Gwynn SP
379 J.J. Trujillo SP
380 Brad Ausmus SP
*393 Luis Gonzalez SP
*397 Nomar Garciaparra SP
398 Jason Schmidt SP
399 David Espinosa SP
400 Steve Green SP
402 Chris Tritle SP
404 Josh Towers SP
*406 Brent Butler SP
413 Shawn Estes SP
*423 Casey Fossum SP
425 Laynce Nix SP
*431 Roberto Alomar SP
433 Tim Wakefield SP
434 Robert Fick SP
436 Jose Mesa SP
*438 Jose Hernandez SP
440 Brian West SP
441 Barry Zito SP
*443 Marlon Byrd SP
444 A.J. Burnett SP
446 Carlos Delgado SP

New Age Performers
*NA-4 Ken Griffey, Jr.
NA-5 Ichiro
NA-6 Sammy Sosa
*NA-7 Andruw Jones
NA-8 Derek Jeter
NA-9 Todd Helton
NA-10 Alex Rodriguez

Then and Now
TN-3 Carl Furillo/Larry Walker
TN-4 Minnie Minoso/Ichiro Suzuki
TN-5 Richie Ashburn/Rich Aurelia
*TN-7 Duke Snider/Sammy Sosa
TN-10 Billy Pierce/Hideo Nomo

Classic Renditions
CR-3 Roger Cedeno
CR-5 Albert Pujols
CR-7 Cristian Guzman
*CR-8 Jimmy Rollins

Cards with a * means those are in the FrankenSet, but I'm greedy and want another one

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Spiegel83 said...

Hey Dayf! May you email me your address again? I have some cards ready to be sent your way.