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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Heritage FrankenSet - Page 5

This page was easy as hell to put together. Crazy Eyes Zito was a lead pipe lock as it's probably by favorite card from the '03 set. The two New York Legends were also No Brainers. Fat Panda rookie card? Yes, please. Shane Victorino looks like he just can't believe that this page was so easy. Writing this post was not so easy as evident by how long I put it off.

Card #37 - David Wright
All right, confession time: I know I'm supposed to hate the Mets and all, and Wright did steal the spotlight from Chipper a few times as the premiere 3rd baseman in the NL East, but... Ok I kinda think Wright is damn fine ballplayer. I don't even mind he's a Met lifer. They deserve one good player. Still can't stand those stupid Topps of the Class cards that were in every damn pack in 2008 though.

#38 - Mark Reynolds
Remember the Cadaco All-Star Baseball game? The one with the player discs and you use a spinner to determine if it's a hit or an out? Mark Reynolds' disc looks like Pac-Man. The mouth is a home run and everything else is a strikeout.

#39 - Mariano Rivera
Best Closer Ever. Now with the Saves record. I sure hope this doesn't give the BBWAA an excuse to ignore Trevor Hoffman when he's eligible in a few years. Oh wait, The BBWAA is going to ignore EVERYBODY from now on because they can't get their goddamn act together. In less 'grudge I harp on about every couple months' news, I had the chance to have Craig Kimbrel and Mo as my closers on my fantasy team but I blew it when I went with Jim Johnson instead. I kinda regret it a little bit, but then again the Orioles are probably going to have way more save opportunities this year.

#40 Barry Zito
As far as I'm concerned Barry Zito with the Zoolander stare is the most iconic card in the '03 Heritage set. It's the first one I think of anyway. I just won a Cy Young say whaaaaaat? And you can say whatever you want about that contract but he pitched his ass off in the playoffs last year and he's got two Rings with the Giants. Tim Hudson ain't got no rings and that rat bastard Posey was out.

#41 - Reed Johnson
Stealth Brave in the middle of the page. Thank God Ryan Dempster didn't want to come here last year. Instead we got Reed and Paul Maholm and flipped the guy we were going to send to the Cubs for J-Up. Who kinda stole Reed's left field job, but hey, right handed bat off the bench is a perfectly respectable profession.

#42 - Pablo Sandoval
I don't know who made this, but I love you.

#43 - Scott Brosius
Third baseman for the New York Yankees. Scott has three rings, A-Rod has one.


#44 - Jimmy Haynes
That guy you picked in your fantasy draft when you realized that you had 8 outfielders all capable of hitting 25 home runs but only three pitchers and two of those were closers. Also from LaGrange Georgia! Troup County representin'! And yet another player who is the same age as me and hasn't played a major league game in almost nine years. (cries)

#45 - Shane Victorino
A gigantic friggin' pain in the ass who beat the ever living snot out of my Braves every dang chance he got and almost murdered Brian McCann once that dirty so-and-so. You have no idea how happy I am that he has been exiled to the American League so I don't have to see him all year long. Thanks, Boston!

Y'all aren't yelling at me when I slack off on posting these things so if the next page comes out in May it's all your fault.


Thorzul said...

This post is LEGEND if only for the Cadaco reference. It's the game that forced me to choose Wade Boggs over B.J. Surhoff.

night owl said...


That Sandoval thing needs to be my avatar -- if I knew how to do fancy stuff like that.

The Junior Junkie said...

Pablo loves cake. Brilliant....!

skoormit said...

Consider this me yelling.

gcrl said...

Loud noises!

Captain Canuck said...

I'm not sure if I'd call Brossius a legend.... but okay.

Anonymous said...

Loved Cadaco baseball as a kid.My older brother who knew nothing about the sport would always beat me at it.