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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Heritage FrankenSet - Page 7

1954 design Barry Larkin with the red background is freakin' perfect. I'm also very happy that Marquis Grissom got the Center Square. The rest of the page was difficult though. The '57 page was absolutely dreadful and I'm lucky I was able to get Godzilla in the set.

Card #55 - Reggie Sanders
Reggie Sanders was a Brave for like 5 minutes and I can't for the life of me remember a damn thing he did so I'm moving on.

#56 - Hideki Matsui
Great gravy, this guy's rookie cards here hotter than Godzilla's radioactive laser breath when they came out. I think you can get 'em in dime boxes now. They're still cool though. At least as cool as this:

#57 - Brad Lidge
Ok, so Lidge gave up a few really, really high profile home runs. Ok so he flamed out like so many fireballing closers have. He'll have 2008 forever. There's a bunch of players who'd stomp on kittens while wearing cleats for a moment like that.

#58 - Conor Jackson
Another Diamondback. Somehow the FrankenSet became infested with snakes. I like snakes slightly more than Indiana Jones so this is distressing to me. I remember that Conor was a decent player but it looks like he retired after a short stint in Boston. In 2007 or 2008 I pulled a Conor Jackson relic out of Allen & Ginter. It was goofed up though, the mini card was wedged in between the bottom frame so I could actually slide the thing out if I nudged it a bit. I contemplated being evil and slipping out the relic and putting in one of my extra original A&G cards and making mad bank on eBay. My conscience got the better of me though and I didn't do it. I shall instead remain broke and keep both my integrity and a busted up relic.

#59 - Marquis Grissom
The Braves should have never traded Marquis away to the Indians. Never. Never ever. The second he left, there was a constant revolving door of malcontent outfielders wandering on and off our roster. Kenny Lofton, Reggie Sanders, BJ Surhoff, Gary Sheffield, JD Drew. Ok so some of those guys had great seasons for us, but they weren't Marquis Grissom. Yeah, fine, if we don't trade Justice and Grissom, we supposedly don't have the cash to keep Tom Glavine. We won soooo many championships with Tommy didn't we? Before he defected to the Mets that is and won all those rings in New York. Marquis caught the last out of the '96 World Series. Marquis shoulda been a Brave for life. As I'm lying on my deathbed still waiting for a second Braves championship that will never come I'll know it was The Curse of Marquis that got us all those years.

#60 - Larry Bowa
I would have remembered Larry as a scrappy infielder had he not had one really good year managing the Phillies. Now I remember him for being a flameout manager who is now a talking head. I miss the '80s.

#61 - Matt Clement
So I looked up Matt Clement on Baseball Reference to see where he was pitching now and he hasn't played an inning since 2006.

Jesus Christ how fucking old am I???

#62 - Barry Larkin
Hall of Famer in the hizzouse! Reds legend with the red background. I will always remember his 1995 MVP season where his Reds got absolutely schooled by the Braves in the playoffs on their way to a title.

#63 - Ryan Freel
Ending the page on a sad note. RIP Ryan.

I'll try to post the next page before the All-Star break but no promises


P-town Tom said...

Man, I really like the Frankenset. Someday I hope to achieve something in its likeness.

Anonymous said...

Reggie Sanders helped the Braves sweep the '95 NLCS. He just did as a Red with his terrible batting.

Mark said...

Jeff Sammons ?