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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Joy of a Complete Insert Set - 2006 Allen & Ginter Dick Perez Sketches

Yeah so everyone's posting Ginter right now... BUT ARE THEY POSTING SEVEN YEAR OLD GINTER??!?!?

I think not.

I'm really in the mood to drool over Ginter on the blog but this blog doesn't do ads and I'm not handing out free advertising to companies who hide their cards in the trash and don't bother to tell anyone. This ain't Pokemans, people. Don't hide cards in the trash. While the 2013 Ginter set is completely bloated with crap and has become ridiculous, the original 2006 set was quite spartan in comparison. Basically just the base set, minis, some parallels, autogamers, rip cards and this little set that was used as hit decoys. The cards are about the same thickness as the framed relics and autos. There's even a decoy card for the decoy cards that has an ad on it. Dick Perez painted one portrait for each team in the league for this set, and each one was done actual mini tobacco card size to add a degree of difficulty. They came out rather nice for being so small. I recently found the Huston Street card that had eluded me all these years so it's time to show off the complete set. I added some goodies at the end to fill out the page.

Some people like scans of the backs of the cards for some reason. Well, with this set, if you've seen one back you've seen 'em all.

Now you've seen 'em all.


Cory said...

Andruw still sporting the hatchet.

Seems like 10 years ago since he was there.

deal said...

The common backs and card thickness are a at odds for me. These cards would be perfect for 2x up in a binder (using the LH pages on the back of the prev RH page) since you don't need to see the back. problem is they are too damn thick to put 2 cards in a slot.