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Friday, September 13, 2013

Building a set: 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2 - Packs 9 & 10

All righty then, after doing so well for so long, HERE COMES THE HORROR

100% fail on pack 9. Even the sticker was a double.

Here's what the completed puzzle looks like. When and If I complete the puzzle I'll take a nice blurry photo of it.

I'm not doing a post of all doubles so let's open up pack 10.

sticker #5
One piece closer to that puzzle! I like the pencil thin mustache on zappy ghost there. But if I'm showing off the sticker first, that must mean.....

Yep total protonic reversal. Um, I mean all dupes. Again. Stupid Topps collation.

Set completion: 54/88 61.4%
Sticker set completion: 8/11 7.27%
Doubles: 26
Sticker doubles: 2
Cards needed in the pack(s): nada, zilch, zero, bupkis
Number of cards needed for the set: 34
Number of cards left in the packs: 40


defgav said...

Bummer. I used to have a big jigsaw puzzle of that picture (no blue background, but the main pic).

defgav said...

*blue border, I mean.