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Monday, September 9, 2013

The best pack of Ginter I'll probably get this year

I know you're all sick and tired of Ginter but I'm poor and I couldn't rip a case and I don't care I'll enjoy this set at my pace and my pace is one blaster every 3 weeks.

My blaster today was as lame as my last blaster. No relics, no autos, the mojo hit was a mini numbered to 25. I did get probably my favorite pack of the year though out of it. My favorite baseball pack that is. Let's take a quick look, shall we?

Chicken man! Off to a good start with a Hall of Famer. Since I am a child of the '80s and never actively rooted for any of Wade's teams I have good memories of the guy.

MELVIN! I love me some BJ. Yeah I know, he's hit under the Mendoza line almost all year long and has watched more third strike fastballs down the middle than Leonard Maltin has watched movies but I don't care. He's OUR high priced underperforming free agent signing and I'll support him until the bitter end.

 BIG MAC! Two Barves in a roooooooow! I am enjoying every single Brian McCann at bat this year as much as I possibly can. With Evan Gattis asserting himself and newly called up Christian Bethancourt almost ready for The Show the only way Mac'll be in a Braves uni next year is if the NL gets the DH and cheapass Liberty Media ups the payroll $30 million.

Yeah, fuckin' Cody Ross. I said it was my favorite pack, not the perfect pack.


I've wanted this card since 2007. Topps went and weirded it up with blank backs and black lights but who cares I have a mini of the greatest football player EVER. Love love love love LOVE this card.

Finish off the pack with REGGIE. In an A's uniform so I don't have to feel bad about being a fan of Reggie as a Yankee. And I am a HUGE fan of Reggie as a Yankee. Three home runs in one World Series game beeyotches. Only four players have done that and Reggie was the skinniest one to do it.

Not a bad little pack there, eh? Still haven't gotten my Abe Vigoda card though. Dang it Topps!


Play at the Plate said...

I have that Pele...freaked me out the first time I saw it. So, the red numbered mini was....coming up in a future post?

Captain Canuck said...

I hate it when people keep mentioning BMac in a goddamned AL uni next year....

it'll be bad enough to deal with next year when I see it, let alone talking about it now.

nice pack.

BaseSetCalling said...

There's baseball player cards in those packs? I got Al Bundy, a NASCAR driver, a golfer (a golfer on a picture card? can there be a more YAWN product?) and some gymnast I can't legally look at.

I was hoping for this hippie basketball player instead.

Fuji said...


Dawgbones said...

You say Pele's the greatest, how can that be? By the stats on the back of the card, he's done absolutely nothing!!

nice!! I hope the Braves have not cooled off!! as my Phils are out, it would be nice to at least keep it in the east...

Unknown said...

Best pack I had was a double pack from Wal-mart...had a Wil Myers auto in it.