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Monday, September 2, 2013

Joy of a Complete Insert Set: 2008 Allen & Ginter State Flags

The last of my completed primary insert sets out of Ginter. Back in 2008, the inserts were thick so they doubled as decoy cards and were numbered to 50. Nowadays they take the place of a short print, are normal sized so as not to hinder pack searchers and aren't numbered at all. Not that this set is all that or anything. I mean, the flags are nuce, but Georgia's player is Nick Markakis despite half the Braves team being home grown and the only Atlanta representative is Mark Teixeira. Blech. Ya couldn't have snuck in Brian McCann in this set, Topps?

No relics this time, you'll get checklists and like it!

Here's the back. Nick did go to a college in state so there's that. An unfortunate side effect of scanning all these sets is that now I've been going through the inserts from 2010-2013. If I maaaaybe happen to put up a want list for those sets please don't judge me.

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