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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Twelve Days of Setsmas - Day 2: Buzzz

Two posts in a row holy shiiiii

Fun fact about Uncle Junkie... those of you who follow me on the twittahs know I am a Jawja Bulldawg fan woof woof woof woof woof.

BUT, when I was a wee little Junkling I was actually a bigger fan of Georgia Tech. Then I grew up and realized I would have to take calculus if I went to school at Tech and packed off to Athens to get my degree. Sporting times were good for Tech in the late '80s and I still get nostalgic for those teams like this one right here:

1988-89 Nike Georgia Tech Basketball

I know nothing about this set, I'm guessing it was team issued. I found it in a dollar box at a card show very tightly shrink wrapped. Not even sure why I picked it up, just got hit with that nostalgia bug I guess. It more or less inspired this series of posts so it's caused me a bunch of damn work! Got Bobby Cremins, Tommy Hammond and Brian Oliver cards now though. This was the season before the Lethal Weapon 3 team that went to the Final Four so no Kenny Anderson. I don't care, my favorite was Dennis Scott anyway. 3-D!

Tomorrow: I'll figure it out!
I hope!


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"Two posts in a row"

Ok - who has dayf's login information??????

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