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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Twelve Days of Setsmas: Day 6 - Coolness

Ten years ago yesterday I was happy and carefree and content with my life and then the next day I started a blog about baseball cards and everything's been all downhill since

In honor of this auspicious date where I not only ruined my life but inspired many others to engage in self-destructive behavior as well (remember kids, do drugs, not cards*) here's an achievement I don't think I thought I would ever do 10 years ago when I was squandering my short-lived riches on new product.

1959 Topps Braves Team Set

Now I'm miserable and broke and old and sick and let a once-mildly-successful-in-a-tiny-niche-market blog go to shit without ever really monetizing it but dammit, I finally tracked down one of the three versions of that Warren Spahn card and finished a team set from the 50s. Four Hall of Famers. Four different cards of Hank Aaron. Five high-numbered All-Star cards. AND most of the set is yellow, which is not my preferred border color to say the least. But I strived and endured and now it's done and it's beautiful.

Kinda like this shitty blog. Will the blog last ten more years? Absolutely not. I'll probably purge my entire online presence once The Purges begin sometime next year. Flush! Right down the memory hole while I obliviate myself with Victory Gin. Enjoy the set while it lasts.

 Tomorrow: Nothing! I'm working!

*drugs are way cheaper and less addictive


P-town Tom said...

Happy tenth anniversary and congrats on the complete '59 set!

Captain Canuck said...

that was beautiful. I'm very close to it.... and yet so very far away.

thanks for ten... well... seven+ great years! ;)

arpsmith said...

Congrats on completing the team set, that is a beast with so many HOFers! Also way to go on the anniversary.

madding said...

I don't know why, but this will always be my favorite vintage set. It doesn't hurt that I discovered Topps Heritage (and started the blog) in 2008.

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