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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three Thousand

Seventeen Pitchers. Who'll be next?


timrooks said...

Mussina is at 2670 and is 39 years old. If the Yankees will pay him to pitch a couple more years, he might get there.
Glavine has 2576 and is 42. If he can have Clemens-esque longevity, he's got a very outside chance.
Best bet? Javier Vazquez. He's got 1841 at 31 years old. If he can put up 150 a year and be at least a league-average pitcher until he's 39, he's there.

NMboxer said...

He did it! Endurance is underrated.

Chris Harris said...

You forgot another member of the "3000" club.

Andre 3000.