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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Clean Up Post.

We all have a good night sleep? We all get the political angst out of our system? Good. Gonna dig all those bad feeling up again because I was too lazy to finish up my posts last night. Here's all the states/cards I didn't get to.

Nevada - Obama

I pretty much had to post this one eventually.

Oregon - Obama

Damned Portland hippies voting for liberals.

Hawaii - Obama

ANOTHER home state for these jokers. Is Indonesia a home state too? Obama went to school there!

Colorado - Obama

Denver sure loves their Broncos

Virginia - Obama

Virginia is for lovers!

Florida - ???

They'll be counting votes till doomsday, here's a GPK.

Idaho - Romney

Insert Napoleon Dynamite joke here.

Alaska - Romney

I can see Russia from my house!

Yay! it's over!

Now time to fight over Clinton v Christie 2016!


Mark Kaz said...

These electoral posts were BRILLIANT!!!

Needed the laughs...

Fuji said...

Pure awesomeness!