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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Ok. Everyone's sick of politics. I was sick of politics in January. There's been non stop sniping mudslinging lying scratching spitting clawing partisan nonsense going on for as long as I can remember. And that's just the Mike Trout vs Miguel Cabrera MVP argument. The Presidential campaign has been even worse!

So a buncha people went out today to vote for their guy. Problem is 50% of the country thinks the other guy sucks. If Obama wins then the values of our country will go down the tubes. Socialist big government Kenyan Muslims will sent America straight into the Garbage can. And if Romney wins the corrupt lying racist whackjobs will take over the country. Not only that, but the warmongers will get their chance to Attack Iran! No matter who wins tonight, tomorrow all your Facebook feeds will be covered with ERMAHGERD TEH CUNTREE IZ DOOOOMED!

Yeah. It sucks. But let us not get down! The campaign is over! The election is here! The recounts and legal battles will only take a couple more months! THIS IS A HAPPY OCCASION! Let us celebrate with Trading cards! Every time a candidate wins a state, I'll post a card from one of my favorite sets ever!

When Obama wins a state I'll post a Garbage Pail Kid Card, since he's sunk America into the trash according to Fox News.

When Romney wins a state I'll post a Mars Attacks card because of all the death and destruction his Presidency will wreak upon the world according to Daily Kos.

If they tie, um, I guess I'll post this?

I have no cable! so states will be posted sporadically! If at all! I'll be drinking tonight. A LOT. Enjoy!


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madding said...

I'm pretty sure I will be drinking a lot tonight, too, especially if that terrifying cartoon supervillain wins.

P-town Tom said...

Genious. Lovin' this post idea!