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Monday, November 26, 2012

Morgan Freeman Rookie Card

A week off, too much to eat and drink and a really good Pony episode has my spirits up a bit. Up enough to jump back into posting this week at least. I snuck out to the flea market on my lunch break this weekend and snagged some goodies from the comic shop. One of the things I got was a box of 1991 Topps Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves cards.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. I've been bitching about how crappy Topps products have been all bloody year and then I blow money on Robin Hood?! Not even Errol Flynn but Kevin Costner??!? Well I did it because reasons.

Reason 1: lots of good supporting actors in there like Alan Rickman, Christian Slater, Brian Blessed and Mike McShane.

Reason 2: If it wasn't for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves there would never have been a Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Think about that.

Reason 3: You can actually get a complete set out of this product. (took 13 packs, check the Twitters)

And the biggest reason of all:


At least I think it's a Morgan Freeman rookie card. I have not yet found a Driving Miss Daisy set and sadly The Electric Company never got a trading card set. I wonder what set Rita Moreno's rookie card is in?

The set is on glossy Tiffany stock and was packed in plastic wrappers. The purist in me prefers my old Topps cards in wax wrappers but the see-through plastic helped me to cheat and find cards I needed to complete the set on the back. I probably would have had to rip three quarters of the box to build the set otherwise.

Also: Stickers! Does Bryce Harper have a rookie sticker? No, I don't think so! Stick it, Bryce!
Morgan Freeman > Bryce Harper.


Kevin said...

that's awesome

lifetimetopps.wordpress.com said...

I like Kevin Costner in that movie.

In general, it's an overall very solid, underrated movie.

dayf said...


At the time everyone was making a big fuss about how Costner couldn't do an english accent, but the film has held up well.

deal said...

Rising from the ashes like the Phoenix is the Set Builder!

Don't let the man tell you what to build.

Build what you want.

Unknown said...

Ya know, that's the first movie I can recall ever seeing Morgan Freeman in. I'm sure I probably saw him in some role in an earlier film, but that was the first time I could truly say I remember him in anything.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Nice. Can you guess what Topp's set has 5 Oscar winners autogaph cards ?

Think Dark ... very dark ... like night.