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Thursday, March 7, 2013

1994 Topps Wantlist

In a desperate attempt to procrastinate I did something else I've been avoiding for years. Enjoy a giant wantlist dump as I finally complete my Topps base set lists from 1952-2007.

Series 1
114 Mitch Williams120 Jimmy Key
200 Cal Ripken, Jr.
230 Larry Walker
261 Rafael Belliard
316 Chad Ogea Indians - Duff Brumley Rangers - Terrell Wade Braves - Chris Michalak A's
345 Kevin Brown
374 Marvin Freeman

Series Two
401 John Kruk
486 Wally Whitehurst
688 Brian Dorsett

soooooo tempted to sneak a few ToppsGold cards into the set just to be lazy

 Thanks to: Grogg

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