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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Topps 1972 Minis & Cut to the Chase Wantlist

Too damn tired to write a Heritage post tonight so I'm gonna hit ya with another want list. Romney has binders full of women, I have binders full of half-finished Topps insert sets. As part of my mad rush to organize I'm going to pick out a select few I really would like to finish and probably start trading off all the rest. May as well start with the one insert set I really really really want to finish this year. I love the '72 design, and this mini set may have drug me kicking and screaming back into buying packs of Topps. May as well strike while the iron is hot and see if I can trade for some of these suckers and finish this one up before Series 2 comes out. So far I've got 19/50.

TM-2 Dan Haren
TM-10 Adrian Gonzalez
TM-12 Anthony Rizzo
TM-16 Joey Votto
TM-26 Ryan Braun
TM-28 Alex Rodriguez
TM-30 Curtis Granderson
TM-37 Evan Longoria
TM-38 Adrian Beltre
TM-39 Yu Darvish
TM-41 Bryce Harper
TM-45 Cal Ripken Jr.
TM-46 Jim Rice
TM-47 Roberto Clemente
TM-48 Lou Gehrig
TM-51 Ken Griffey, Jr.
TM-57 Albert Pujols
TM-61 Brooks Robinson
TM-99 Ozzie Smith
TM-100 Eddie Mathews

1971 Minis
1 2 3 5 7 10 11 14 16 17 22 24 25 26 27 30 31 33 34 35 39 42 43 50

I've also decided I would also like to collect the Cut to the Chase cards simply because they is so purdy. But since Topps got silly and skip-numbered the set I'm going to skip out on collecting all of 'em and just do  enough to fill a binder page. I've got five so far, I'll take any of these to fill out the last four slots. If you're a huge Padres fan and would like to trade for the Gwynn, I'll be happy to listen.

CTC-2 Ken Griffey, Jr.
CTC-3 Derek Jeter
CTC-5 Paul Molitor
CTC-14 David Price
CTC-20 Roberto Clemente
CTC-22 Ryne Sandberg
CTC-23 Willie Mays


Scott Crawford said...

I'd be up for The Greats Jeter, emerald Konerko and Konerko out of bounds now that I checked eBay and saw that it's not going for a kidney on there. I'd have to look to see what I've got mini-wise, but I think you said you owe me 593482945384 monster boxes or something.

The Lost Collector said...

I have the Clemente Cut to the Chase if you still need/want it.

dayf said...

@lost collector:
Definitely want Roberto.

arfmax said...

I would like the emerald Darin Ruf, I can send you the TM-31 Mark Teixeira and one other from your list (I have to check what I have at home this evening). Good?


LongFlyBall said...

I have the Posey, Bauer, C.Gonzalez, Stanton and Gwynn minis.

I need the Clemente, Griffey (refractor), Wright and Thome 'Chasing History' cards and one of your Reyes minis.

I await your YAY or NAY, sire.

Venetta said...

This is cool!