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Thursday, March 7, 2013

2001 Topps Wantlist

Considering the metric shitload of packs I bought this year, the fact I don't have this set completed is a disgrace

Series 1
254 Jose Vidro
319 Rafael Furcal
321 Mark Mulder
323 Bobby Cox MG
358 Dominic Rich RC Blue Jays - Aaron Herr Braves
385 Hank Aaron GM387 Cal Ripken, Jr. SH

Series 2
420 Eddie Perez
471 Tom Lampkin
485 Lance Berkman
528 Jason Marquis
593 Ken Griffey, Jr.
606 Aaron Sele
619 John Rocker
636 Jose Canseco
707 Dave Martinez728 Phil Wilson RC / Jake Peavy RC / Darwin Cubillan RC 
785 Nolan Ryan GM
790 Andruw Jones GM

I never got the Pujols out of the Traded set either dammit

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