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Friday, July 6, 2007

Quick Fix 7/06

I'm online way too much to have any excuse for only updating this blog once or twice a week. Problem is, I get these ideas for posts that involve scrounging through boxes of cards looking for just the right one for the article. This takes freaking forever, thus the lag.

Quick Fix is an attempt to post some links or thoughts or just plain crap to fill out my post count and hopefully entertain anyone reading this thing. Expect a post per weekday at least for the time being, and if you don't get it be sure to pester me to keep me at it. There are people reading this, right? Hello??

Smoltz Out

Well the Braves finally put Smoltzie on the DL to rest his balky shoulder. It doesn't look that serious though, and Bobby only expects John to miss one start thanks to the All Star break. Still, this is a prime example of why you never call out your teammates for not playing hurt. Chipper Jones reportedly added John Lennon's 'Instant Karma' onto his Ipod playlist...

All Star Additions

The two guys I voted for on the "last man in" All Star Balloting both made it, Roy Oswalt as Smoltz's replacement and Hideki Okajima through the fan voting. I actually had planned to push my selections on this blog, but well, like I said, I'm lazy. Not too lazy to scan their cards though, so here ya go.

FIFA U-20 World Cup

There's another soccer World Cup going on? Who knew? I sure didn't, I flipped on ESPN this evening and found myself watching the US-Brazil match from Ottawa. I'm glad I did, team USA upset the Brazillians in a great match. Apparently the win puts us in the round of 16. Maybe ESPN will, you know, actually advertise the game next time.

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