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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Seven Number Sevens for 7/7/07

Woohoo! A nifty date! To honor this convergence of sevens, here are 7 cards of greats with a connection to lucky number 7.

We'll start off with the obvious. No matter what Sports Illustrated says, Mickey IS #7. Period. Anyone remember this card from Pacific? I was at a card show in the late 80's where these cards were being hawked and the Mick's card was being sold for 25 dollars. 25! For a brand new card from a retro set! And it wasn't just one dealer either, anyone who had one of these was selling it for 25 bucks. I made the right decision and opted to buy a box of 88-89 Fleer Basketball cards instead. Of course I became stupid real quick and sold off all the Scottie Pippen Rookies because I hated the Bulls. Whoops. I still managed to pick up the 25 dollar Mantle later on in a Yankees oddball eBay lot so it turned out all right in the long run.

What, you thought a Falcon fan was going to choose John Elway? Really? Really? Nope, not gonna happen. Denver would still be a football town even if they never had Elway. Without the trade for Vick, the Los Angeles Falcons could have easily been a reality. I don't care what anyone thinks of him as a QB, I've witnessed him win (sometimes singlehandedly) a hell of a lot more games then he's lost. I still pull out my tape of the playoff game versus the Rams to pick me up when I'm feeling down. Go ahead, post your best Ron Mexico/water bottle/dog fighting jokes in the comment section, I'm used to it by now.

Joe Mauer can flat out hit. Jake, not so much. Still, the card is cool and Joe by himself is probably better then both O'Brien brothers.

The Atlanta Hawks are the poster child for bad General Managers. The Dominique for Danny Manning trade completely derailed the entire franchise. Billy Knight's 'take a forward every year' draft strategy has kept them in mediocrity. But the moment the team began its tradition of horrific front office decisions was with the trade of Pistol Pete. The Hawks moved up in the 1970 draft specifically to take the LSU star, but got disillisioned with his flashy play and shipped him off to the the expansion New Orleans Jazz after only four seasons. In exchange for a superstar off his best season, the Hawks got Dean Meminger, Bob Kauffman, and four draft picks. Blech. To add insult to injury, one of the draft picks was used on David Thompson, who immediately bolted to the ABA rather than play for Atlanta. Can you blame him?

Yoda! Y-O-D-A Yoda. You guys thought I was just a baseball card geek, but I am actually a well-rounded geek quite familiar with Star Wars lore. This card from an oddball Return of the Jedi card game has a big green 7 on it, so it works for my purposes. I lost the game instructions so I have no clue what the 7 actually means though. Maybe the game is actually a sabacc deck? At any rate, Yoda is much more interesting than Elyhek Rue, pilot of Red 7 at the Battle of Yavin so the Jedi master makes the list. Hey, I told you I was a geek...

Love him or hate him, #7 for the Chicago Blackhawks is a hell of a defenseman. And if you play me in EA NHL '94, be prepared to have Cheli absolutely kick your ass.

Samuel Huntington?? Jeez, I'm resorting to some extreme measures to keep Elway off this list aren't I? Au contraire, mon frere... Samuel was the 7th President of the Continental Congress of the United States. He may not have the Q-rating of John Hancock, but the Connecticut statesman was one of the most respected delegates and helped lead the nation through some dark days of the Revolutionary War. This is serious business folks, one crucial defeat on the battlefied for the patriots at this time and ol' Sammy's ass could have ended up in front of a Tory firing squad. Things worked out though and now he has his own trading card. So why did I choose the 7th president of the Continental Congress and not just opt for the 7th President of the United States? Well, I'm part Cherokee, so let's just say that I'm a bigger fan of Elway than I am of Andrew.

Now if you'll excuse me, I only have 1 year, one month and one day to buy up as many Yogi cards as I can, so I better get busy.

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Joey said...

Its your list you can put who ever you want on it. By the way the prose was very good.

I have one of those Pacific Mantle cards. It came in a huge lot of commons I bought for a couple of bucks.