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Thursday, July 5, 2012

2007 Topps Want List

I don't friggin know how I still need cards from this set. I'm so disgusted I didn't even scan a card from the set. Here's an artist's rendering.

93 Mike Napoli is the last card I need for this damn set please don't make me buy it on COMC for a buck

at least i'm done

I totally have the Smoltz and Maddux cards I just can't find the buggers right now.

Updates and Highlights wantlist goes here whenever I can find the bloody cards. Whoops, found 'em.

EDIT: moved these to a separate post. stupid traded sets

no names because I hate Updates and Highlights. I bolded by accident trying to fix that stupid white bar over the card numbers. sue me.


Anonymous said...

I despise 2007 topps. It's the year I returned to cardin' it up, so i ended up with too many. i have three of the update cards you need but I am going to take those 3 and burn them so that i don't have to spend any more money on 2007 topps. That seems like something you with which you would agree.

Captain Canuck said...

you forgot to specify whether you want regular backs or red backs... *snicker*

dayf said...


@Canuck I have a friggin PILE of those @#$% redbacks somewhere... I may just scavenge those and call it a set.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a damn thing for you, but I want to declare my love for 2007 Topps... favorite set since I've come back to the hobby.

My WV was 17 shwaaas, so here are 17 schwas:


gcrl said...

I've pulled 311 and 436 plus uhs 19 43 55 62 103 152 169 203 228 298 318. Also 2006 Topps 196 and a lurking lemke. Please don't make me put them back in the box.

dayf said...

Don't put 'em back please. I've got some stuff piling up for you. This week is going to be hell though so it might be a couple weeks before I send anything.