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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Enterplay My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Trading Card Checklist

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Trading Card Checklist. Because by the time I finally found one online I had already spent over an hour piecing this one together from trading forum and eBay listings.

Yes, you all are are in for a long, long month.

Base set:

1 Twilight Sparkle
2 Rarity
3 Fluttershy
4 Applejack
5 Pinkie Pie
6 Rainbow Dash
7 Spike
8 Princess Celestia
9 Princess Luna
10 Apple Bloom
11 Scootaloo
12 Sweetie Belle
13 Princess Cadance
14 Shining Armor
15 Granny Smith
16 Cheerilee
17 Big Macintosh
18 Zecora
19 Snips & Snails
20 The Cakes
21 Braeburn
22 The Wonderbolts
23 Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon
24 Hoity Toity & Photo Finish
25 Mayor Mare & Time Turner
26 Cranky Doodle Dandy & Matilda
27 DJ Pon-3 & Octavia
28 Mare Do Well & Daring Do
29 Golden Harvest & Lyra Heartstrings
30 Prince Blueblood
31 Nightmare Moon
32 Discord
33 Queen Chrysalis
34 Sea Serpent
35 Gilda
36 The Great and Powerful Trixie!
37 Owlowiscious
38 Winona
39 Opalescence
40 Angel
41 Gummy
42 Tank
43 Philomena
44 Peewee
45 A Sonic Rainboom
46 Vanquishing the Ursa Minor
47 A Party of One?
48 "Come on and Smile!"
49 “Chaos is a Wonderful Thing."
50 Worst. Companion. EVER.
51 Parasprites Eat Ponyville
52 Best... Comedy Act?
53 Another Day Another Dungeon
54 "You’re Not Scientifically Possible"
55 “My Little Spikey Wikey!”
56 Best. Wedding. Ever!
57 Slumber Party 101
58 Pony Without a Team
59 Meet the Apple Family!
60 Nightmare Night Indeed!
61 "Hush Now Quiet Now"
62 Curse of the Evil Enchantress
63 Crazy Cutie Pox!
64 "I hate being a model"
65 The Green-eyed Monster
66 The Big Doozy
67 A Very Special Somepony
68 The Flight of Rarity
69 "Into the Dragon's Lair"
70 Elements of Good Cheer
71 Iron Pony Competition
72 “I really AM a doormat”
73 Everfree Forest
74 Sugarcube Corner
75 Cloudsdale
76 Crusaders Clubhouse
77 Ponyville Schoolhouse
78 Golden Oaks Library
79 Sweet Apple Acres
80 Carousel Boutique
81 Day Spa
82 Canterlot
83 Appleloosa
84 Fluttershy’s Cottage



1 Applejack
2 Rainbow Dash
3 Pinkie Pie
4 Twilight Sparkle
5 Rarity
6 Fluttershy
7 Sweetie Belle
8 Scootaloo
9 Applebloom

Tattoo Sheets

1 Fluttershy cutie mark
2 Pinkie Pie cutie mark
3 Applejack cutie mark
4 Princess Celestia cutie mark
5 Princess Luna cutie mark
6 Rainbow Dash cutie mark
7 Rarity cutie mark
8 Twilight Sparkle cutie mark
9 Applejack & Rainbow Dash
10 Twilight Sparkle & Princess Luna
11 Rarity & Pinkie Pie
12 Fluttershy & The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Foil Cards:

Elements of Harmony Puzzle A

F1 Applejack: Element of Honesty Puzzle A: 1 of 6
F2 Fluttershy: Element of Kindness Puzzle A: 2 of 6
F3 Pinkie Pie: Element of Laughter Puzzle A: 3 of 6
F4 Rarity: Element of Generosity Puzzle A: 4 of 6
F5 Rainbow Dash: Element of Loyalty Puzzle A: 5 of 6
F6 Twilight Sparkle: Element of Magic Puzzle A: 6 of 6

Royal Wedding Puzzle B

F7 Applejack Puzzle B: 1 of 9
F8 Twilight Sparkle Puzzle B: 2 of 9
F9 Pinkie Pie Puzzle B: 3 of 9
F10 Rainbow Dash Puzzle B: 4 of 9
F11 Rarity Puzzle B: 5 of 9
F12 Fluttershy Puzzle B: 6 of 9
F13 Princess Celestia Puzzle B: 7 of 9
F14 Princess Cadance Puzzle B: 8 of 9
F15 Shining Armor  Puzzle B: 8 of 9

F16 Applejack
F17 Pinkie Pie
F18 Rainbow Dash
F19 Rarity
F20 Twilight Sparkle
F21 Fluttershy
F22 Scootaloo
F23 Sweetie Belle
F24 Apple Bloom
F25 Spike
F26 Zecora
F27 Granny Smith
F28 Cheerilee

F40 Rarity (BronyCon card)

Gold Series

G1 Princess Celestia
G2 Princess Luna
G3 Princess Cadance
G4 Twilight Sparkle
G5 Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
G6 Discord
G7 Nightmare Moon
G8 Queen Chrysalis

Thanks to mlp.tcgtrading.com who filled in some holes in my original list. I wish I'd found them before I spent all that time putting this thing together. Click that link for a card image gallery too!


McCann Can Triple said...

Thank you for this. I had no idea how many they had.

Now I just need to find the cards in an actual store.

mmosley said...

I bought 4 packs for you two today.

Dayf, you get yours when I find out which package you got from me.

McCann, you get yours when you send me your address. mark_mosley at yahoo.com

Mark said...

My wife thanks you...

dayf said...

@McCann - I found mine at Target. I haven't checked Wal-Mart yet.

@Mmosley - I got the letter, am too scared to open it and not find beautiful Dale Murphy inside. Also I have to video it and my camera sucks

Tayy!! said...

Thank you for this!! I just got my Twilight Sparkle foil card signed by Tara Strong!! :) I'm so happy!!!

Waseem said...

like the card idea...i think it should be useful in the same way for Plastic cards..i wish to use it.

Plastic business cards said...

Cute design for friendship cards throwing soft expressions...