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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

May Card Show Top 10 in poetry - Peter Tork

What better time to show off the goods from the May Vintage card show than the last day of July. I would have done this sooner but I was waylaid by writer's block, contest posts, Ginter, Ponies and more writer's block. I still have writer's block so I'm going to post the top ten acquisitions from that Vintage show through the art of bad poetry. I can't write poetry worth a damn so I feel no pressure to write anything good and my writer's block can't figure out how to keep me from writing it. This first installment shall be written in haiku. I briefly considered doing the whole series in haiku, but if I announced that I would never ever be able to write another haiku as long as I lived. So next time, you might get a sonnet, or a limerick or maybe even another haiku. I might drink a quart of vodka and go ee cummings on yo ass.  You never can tell. Today you get haiku.

1967 Monkees #18c

Peter Tork, drummer
my favorite Monkee
he waits on tables

puzzle on the back
a puzzle of existence
where has Davy gone


P-town Tom said...

Monkeys? no Ponies?

Hackenbush said...

I couldn't say why but Peter was my favorite Monkee.