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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sketchy Smoltzie

Bad news: I didn't get around to writing up my A&G post.

Good news: I scanned enough cards for a second A&G post!

Bad news: I haven't written that one either.

Better news!: I gots Smoltzie!

The sketch cards look much better this year. Less border, more card area for the sketch. I like the scruffy looking gray borders too. I haven't seen a horizontal one yet, hopefully they aren't as awkward as last year's sketch cards. Hopefully there aren't any horizontal sketches at all actually. Allen & Ginter does not do Horizontal well. Now that I've done some sketch cards myself, I really appreciate how good these look. It's hard to do something like this on a little tiny bit of cardboard.

Only pitcher with 200 wins and 150 saves. Another improvement on this year's Sketch set is the name of the artist on the back. I'm not sure about previous years, but there was no artist mention in the 2011 set as far as I could see. This one is by Chris Henderson, who has done artwork in many other sets, including Star Wars Galaxy, 2011 Topps and 2010 National Chicle.

There's nothing at all interesting going on tomorrow at all so maybe I'll get some writing done. On the other hand I still have beer left over from my All Star Game festivities (When Melky Cabrera wins MVP all the booze in the world can't help) so then again maybe not.

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Play at the Plate said...

Melky Cabrera is no Cookie Rojas.