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Monday, July 16, 2012


As of right now I am STILL on the fence on whether I am going to get a hobby box of Ginter. I can probably get more cards by buying blasters or racks. I'd honestly rather get cards to build a set instead of paying extra for a lottery ticket to get some MOJO with improbably odds. But that would mean missing out on reviewing the hobby box packaging though, including the checklist and box topper. I'm conflicted.

I do know that I have acquired through nefarious means a small handful of packs. I've somehow gotten three relics so far too. Through loose packs at a Wal-Mart that was pretty obviously searched. I don't even know, man. I have enough minis though to start adding to my FrankenSet! Sadly none of them so far filled in holes in the collection so each contender has to knock out an existing card in order to make it in. Let's go through the first batch and see who makes the cut!

349 Danny Espinoza

First mini of 2012. Every time I see Danny's name I hear Peter Lorre discussing Mr. Spinalzo with Johnny in Arsenic and Old Lace. Throw Danny in the window seat! Does Espinoza make the FrankenSet?


I'd say there's a good 5-10% of the binder that cannot get replaced by any means and a Rubik's Cube champ is one of 'em.

155 Edinson Volquez A&G Back

Volquez is a Padre? When'd that happen, the Latos trade? I'm a bad baseball fan. Still in third place in my fantasy league though, even with updating my roster once every three weeks. Volquez has a good shot to get in with those dreads. Does he?


Black border Ben Sheets blocks his path. Ben is Brave now so he stays in the binder.

103 Alexi Ogando

Some Rangers dude! Relief pitcher I guess. In the set?


Stabbed in the back by Niccolo. Never go in against a Florentine when the FrankenSet is on the line.

20 Miguel Montero

Oh look, someone who is actually good. Will he be the first in the set?


It'll take more than an above average catcher to bounce Vladdy from the set.

77 Chris Young

Oh good, another Diamondback. This one's hitting .207! Blah blah set in?


Wait, what? Oh, there are three other 2009 cards on that page including Justin Verlander. Time for some variety in the set.

183 Darwin Barney Black? border

Does it seem that the black border cards have less and less black on them every year? Darwin Barney might get in just because of his name.


Tommy Manzella was the only auto I pulled from 2010 National Chicle. That's enough cards of a guy who isn't in the league anymore for me.

286 Neil Walker A&G back

I see your Schwartz is as big as mine! Bat boner is going to be really hard to keep from poking its way into this set. In? Or out? Or in and out repeatedly?

Ok, I should just delete the blog right now.


Pat the Bat gets screwed by Pirate boner.

289 Brandon Phillips Black border

Black border card of one of the best second basemen in the league. How can this not get in?


Card #289 in my set is locked in with Black Border Milky Way. This card couldn't even get bumped by 2007 Torii Hunter. Ok last one, thank goodness.

297 Justin Morneau A&G back

Horizontal Ginter cards are crap, but Morneau's a decent player at least. In?


Black border bowler ain't going nowhere.


P-town Tom said...

an all card post? sans ponies?


Anonymous said...

"Pirate Boner."

I will try to use that phrase in print no fewer than 10 times before the year is out.

dayf said...


I was very tempted to use ponies to illustrate the victory or defeat of each card but Blogger formatting nonsense caused me to give up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "Teddy" from the Nationals' President Race is digging the Panama canal in the basement at Nationals Park...

JediJeff said...

I was in a band called "Pirate Boner".

Play at the Plate said...

That pirate boner needs an eye patch.

Anonymous said...

Neil Walker is my favorite current player on the Buccos roster.

And now I will never be able to look at his 2012 A&G the same again.

Thanks for that...

mmosley said...

Dayf, check out the video "Love Letter to Dayf" on YouTube. Your address showed up so I made it private. Enjoy whichever package comes your way.

dayf said...

Hi Mark, I can't find it, do you have a link?

mmosley said...

I attempted to email the link.