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Friday, January 25, 2008

Another contest

Andy runs a regular giveaway on his 88 Topps Blog, this week he's got something extra cool. He's giving away an entire set of 1988 Topps Gallery of Champions metal cards. Now that is not something you see everyday. To enter the contest go here and follow the instructions. You'll need to answer 5 questions about his advertisers (sneaky Andy!) and guess a random number from Steve Bedrosian's baseball-reference page. I've already entered, so go enter yourself into the drawing and screw up my odds of winning. Oh wait... maybe I didn't think this thing through as much as I should. Ahh, go ahead. There are no Braves in that set anyway. Check out the site while you're there, it's nifty seeing the '88 set broken down card by card.

Update: There's a certain question that asks for the name of a website on a Google ad. Unfortunately Google ads are painfully random and don't seem to want to come up all the time. I'm going to me nice and let you in on the answer... it can be found here. However, by clicking on that link you have to promise that you'll click on three other ads on Andy's site. Okay? Good luck to everyone, even though I've already guessed the correct number!


Wax Heaven said...

Too complicated. Just give me the metal!

dayf said...

Ha ha! I'm entered and you aren't!

Andy said...

A buddy of mine came up with that idea of centering around the ads, and it's been awesome. Had more than a 10% clickthrough rate last few days, and made enough revenue to give away lots more stuff, including the complete 88 O-pee-chee set, a 1988 Topps traded tiffany, and a few other gems.

Thanks again for the pimping, my pimp.