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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trading Mania - Cincinnati Reds Cards

A while back I got an e-mail from Joe at Cincinnati Reds Cards. I helped him out with a couple of questions when he was starting off his blog and he wanted to send me these cards in appreciation:

2005 Studio Proof Tim Hudson Serial numbered 08/25

2004 Bazooka Adventure relic serial numbered 8/25

And an Autograph card of Ryan Klesko that can be found here.

Now those are some pretty damn nice gifts! I sent him this in appreciation:

Two Adam Dunn jersey cards from 2005 Upper Deck. I got both of these out of the same box oddly enough, and one of them is a gold version numbered to 100. The cards commemorate a game where Adam Dunn hit a grand slam in the 11th inning to lead the Reds to Victory. Against the Braves. *sob* I remember that game too, there was much throwing of objects and filthy language directed towards Roberto Hernandez's mother. Joe will appreciate these more than I and I couldn't bear to split up the pair.

Joe is a big fan of Austin Kearns so I also picked out this 2004 Leaf Jersey. I like how the stripe goes right through the O in OF.

Also included was this Aaron Boone autograph, and a few random reds hards I had lying around. You'll have to check Joe's site to see those.

One other thing Joe sent was an old ticket stub from a Braves vs. Mets game from April 27th, 1988. Let's pull up the box score and see who won...

Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Five runs in the ninth! Lousy stupid Mets. Still, what did I expect from a team that went 54-106. Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter got the hold in that game too, before Assenmacher ("The maker of asses" in German) got bombed by Keith Hernandez in the 9th. Still pretty cool, thanks Joe!

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Andy said...

Man alive, that Kearns card is AWESOME.