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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hockey Love

The pager's blowing up and it's looking like it will be a long night.

If there are any other insomniacs out there, Here's a cool Hockey card site I found recently. Puck Junk is a cool mix of new, old and somewhere in between Hockey cards. While I cringe at some of the early nineties crap (Why aren't my Lindros Rookies worth hundreds, dammit?!) gems like this Bobby Orr card are freakin' sweet. I'm impressed by anyone who completes a vintage set like that especially when they don't mind a dinged corner or two. Plus they have their own Card of the Week in a convenient clickable thumbnail format that I may have to appropriate.

Also on a hockey note, there's a new contributor over at A Pack A Day (who I've already hazed, hi Chuck!) and he's taking votes for what pack he will open first on the site. My choice is obviously for the old-school O-Pee-Chee since that's what hockey cards are all about. However, another reader wants to have him open a 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve pack. What the - Gold Reserve? Come on now... You don't want to see Gold Reserve opened do you? Go and vote!


Trent said...

Trent opened a pack yesterday and got a Sidney Crosby RC called something like "The Cup". Is this worth anything?

Back to reality, it's amazing to me that this 20 year old can't buy a beer but his Cup RC sold last April for $15,000. I'm not sure what's the correlation between buying beer and RC prices, but I've got to believe this has got to be some kind of record.

Sal said...

Dude, you plugged my site--and on my birthday, no less!


It took me over a decade to finish that 70-71 set. I'm in it for the long haul...