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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I guess feetsball is back, eh

Ok, so the NFL finally got their shart together and will actually have a season this year. Oh well. At least my dream of the NBA imploding due to greed is still alive. Here's a couple of Goodwin rookies to show off in honor of a bunch of super rich people who fought viciously for a very long time in order to enrich themselves further and then acted like they did you a big ol' favor by doing so. It's the American way.

A.J Green. The wide receiver the Falcons, really, really wanted.

Julio Jones, the wide receiver the Falcons actually got.

Every Falcons draft pick I've hated in the past 10 years has gone on to the Pro Bowl, so pencil Julio in for the Offensive Rookie of the Year right now.

Also: Why is a Georgia Bulldog who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals wearing Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket pants???


carlsonjok said...

As my Euro friends would say, don't you mean Handegg?

dayf said...

Why yes, I do mean Handegg.


Anonymous said...

Hell YES ITS BACK. You are a sad, stupid, crybaby piece of shit. Baseball fuckin sucks rhino cock. Golf is more exciting. Parcheesi involves more strategy and tactics. And recycling garbage is more fun. Try to enjoy the MANS game this season, and perhaps you will see the light and either never speak about this abomination of a sport, or kill yourself. Either one works for me.

dayf said...

Ok then, I'll kill myself.

Any suggestions on how I should do it?

Maybe watch the Lions/Chiefs game on the 18th?