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Friday, August 5, 2011

Topps Ganks Pictures From Wikipedia - #1 Gharial

I've been thinking about doing this since about 2008 but never got around to it. The time is nigh.

Topps totally swipes pictures from Wikipedia for their cards. So what? We all do that too for our customs. Hell, we don't even bother to find pics in the public domain. We just do a Google Image Search and find one that looks cool. So it's no surprise Topps does a little bit of the Yoink! now and then. Or actually, all the time, especially on non-sports subjects. Here's the first in a long, long series on this blog unless lawyers get involved. Then I'll just post it somewhere else because

2011 Allen & Ginter - Gharial

Topps Crockagator

Wikipedia Crockagator

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Spankee said...


check out the Mexican Hat mini at the bottom with the wikipedia links. Totally used the same picture, but then used the description from the wrong plant.