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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Allen & Ginter Box Break Part 3: Packs 5-8

"You've fooled around long enough"

Ok, it's been established that this box sucked. Let's knock this thing out so I can move on to different things. Like a second box.


176 Brian Bogusevic
12 Hope Solo
224 Jason Kubel
22 Michael Bourn
215 Andrew McCutchen
330 CC Sabathia SP
141 Vernon Wells A&G Mini
HH80 Cliff Lee Hometown Heroes

I'm going to go back later and score the Gint-A-Cuffs thing. I'm pretty sure I don't have all the money cards scanned anyway. Top three in the pack: Capn' Cheezburger SP, Hope Solo, newest Brave Michael Bourn. See, if I had posted this two weeks ago like I should have, this pack wouldn't have been quite as good.

Did Vernon Wells make it into the FrankenSet Binder? - NO. No chance in hell Wells displaces a 2007 Brian McCann mini.


202 Manny Pacquiao
238 Rudy Ruettiger
282 Reid Brignac
38 Angel Pagan
183 Mike Napoli
124 Chad Billingsley
273 Brent Morel Mini Black Border
HH74 Jayson Werth Hometown Heroes
15% off Allen & Ginter Binder Offer

And now a word from our sponsor....

The sad thing is I'm seriously thinking about buying this thing. I wonder if I can use my Diamond Giveaway prize along with the code here to get it for extra cheap.

If it weren't for the black border Morel, this pack would have been a complete flop, even with the Manny Paquiao box cover model card. As you can see, the mysterious scanner pube made an appearance on the mini card. You may laugh at my filthy scanner, but not one card scanned on that thing has ever been stolen after being protected by my fearless follicle.

Is anybody ever going to make it into the FrankenSet binder?? YES. An obscure black bordered rookie boots out a 2007 Jorge Posada mini card. Composition book - 1 Yankees - 0


14 Adrian Beltre
121 JD Drew
41 Carlos Santana
166 Geovany  Soto
BHS-9 Edwin Jackson Baseball Highlight Sketches
318 Brett Wallace SP
UG8 Uninvited Guests mini The Winchester Mystery House
FF19 Floating Fortresses HMS Revenge
Code Cracker card - 8:46

After no inserts or SPs in the last pack, I get four in this one. Sketch cards are nice, but I only want the Heyward. Ships are nice but after a brief obsession with building model warships when I was a kid, I haven't been too interested in boats of any kind. Cards about GHOSTS though... well that's more my speed. I've actually been reading creepypasta on Reddit all weekend instead of blogging if you've been wondering where the hell I've been.

Here's a little bit of a glimpse into Dayf's warped and disturbing psyche if you wish to know such things. When I'm really anxious or stressed or uneasy about something one of my coping mechanisms is to find scary stuff to watch, read or listen to. I've always loved all kinds of horror stuff ever since I was a little kid. I read House of Secrets comics and Stephen King novels. I watched Alfred Hitchcock movies and the Twilight Zone when I wanted classy horror, and cheesy '80s slasher flicks when I wanted a good laugh. I read  Omni magazine and Time Life Ancient Secrets books and every permutation of Chariots of the Gods including the ones debunking all that stuff. I named my (championship winning!) Fantasy Football team the Chupacabras for years. I loooooooove all that creepy crap. Especially when I'm in mortal existential dread over something. After 9/11 I listened to Art Bell's Coast to Coast every dang night for about three years and my favorite show was always the Halloween Ghost Stories show. You see, when I'm really scared about something I like to distract myself with harmless frightening bullshit that I know isn't real to take my mind off of the very real monsters that plague our world. Basically what I'm saying is that until the horrifically selfish fucktards that are playing games with the world economy are booted the hell out of office I'm going to be very interested in the occult for a while. Maybe it's time to pull out my Swamp Thing comics?


289 Paul Konerko
275 Justin Verlander
9 Joe Saunders
217 Shaun Marcum
295 Chris Carpenter
250 Ichiro Code card
SRU2 Step Right Up! Fire Breathing
HH70 Troy Tulowitzki Hometown Heroes



(I also like crappy anime and manga when I'm stressed)

Oh yeah, there's also a code card I already showed off in another post. 1/3rd of the way through the box and it's only August! I'm making better time than usual!


Addicted to Cardboard said...

That binder is awesome. I wanted to get the Heritage version but with the diamondTopps discount and after shipping, it was still pretty pricey. I'm going to head over to the site now and debate it once again...

Trey J. said...

New Swamp Thing reboot in September from DC. Snyder the writer of American Vampire (Vertigo title) is on the series I believe. I hope it's good.

moremonkeys138 said...

I just got my binder yesterday. It's quite fancy. You can use the $10 discount from the Diamond Giveaway, plus the 15% off code in the same purchase.