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Friday, July 12, 2013

Building a set: 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2 - Pack 2

Time for pack 2. Gonna space these out with an actual bayzbawl card post inbetween all of them because Ghostbusters 2 is not a good enough movie to completely take over the blog. If you'd like to make your guesses on how short I come up on this set, feel free to do so.

card #35
Another curveball from Topps with the TV screen border and cartoon captions for the low-budget commercial scene from the movie. This might be my favorite card from the set. Not sure if it's because of the goofy scene, the cartoony card or the fact that I like the idea of Louis and Janine having sexytimes entirely too much. Nerd Love! The gum attacked the back of this card especially harshly so when I get a double I hope it's this card

card #29
Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh! The mean ol' prosecutor gets flipped over by the eeeeevil ghosts and... wait...is she wearing garters? And are those leather panties?? This movie is sleazier than I thought.

card #32
Dr. Ray Stantz being a Bad Ass. This man busts ghosts in tweed and makes it look good.

card #17
Wooooo! It's a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide screen shot! Or basically a picture that's as wide as all the other ones just without the squiggly lightning border. While I have and will crap all over this movie, terribles movies can always be saved by a great villain. And this movie has a great villian. Sure, Vigo is real mean looking and Eastern European and is more or less inspired by Vlad the Impaler except with less Vampire and more Body Snatcher tendancies, but Peter MacNicol is friggin AWESOME as Janosz. He's such a nasty creepy little shit, I love him to death. He's Igor to Vigo's Dr. Frankenstein. He's Renfield to Vigo's Dracula. Wait, those movies are actually kinda good. He's Torgo to Vigo's Manos.

sticker #6
Sticker action with another one of those illustrations of the court ghosts. I forgot to rotate this one so whatevs.

card #20
Peter MacNicol being creeeeeeeeepy again. The back of the card even specifically states that Janosz is being creepier than usual. While Janosz is supposed to be lit by a red emergency bulb in this scene the card makes it look like he's the bouncer at the entrance to hell. This card reminds me of The Residents song Sinister Exaggerator so I'm going to link it.

card #31
EGON 'BOUT TO BUST A CAP IN YO ECTOPLASM. How fortunate the proton packs were just sitting out in the courtroom so the Ghostbusters could conveniently save the day. Actually it's even more fortunate that the ghosts showed up in the first place and sexually harrassed the prosecutor so the Ghostbusters could save the day. Actually it's really really fortunate that the baliffs and police at the proceedings didn't blow the Ghostbusters' heads off when accused criminals went to grab their dangerous weapons when there was a distraction in the courtroom.

card #66
So the snooty rich bitch wearing the gigantic fur coat gets splashed with the slime and the ghosts of all the poor little minks that died for the coat become zombies and attempt to gobble her up. Was the anti-fur crowd around in 1989? Probably. I liked this scene better when it was done in the cheezy schlock-horror comedy Saturday the 14th. Wait, Jeffrey Tambor was in that movie??

card #80

Set completion: 16/88 18.2%
Sticker set completion: 2/11 18.2%
Doubles: 0
Sticker doubles: 0
Cards needed in the pack: 9
Number of cards needed for the set: 72
Number of cards left in the packs: 104


McCann Can Triple said...

Here is me as a Ghostbuster a few Halloweens ago.


I remember most of the scenes from the cards.

Todd Uncommon said...

Card 80 baby stare is too much to take.

Another fun fact is that for whatever reason, the guy that played Vigo must have been *too* Eastern Yooropean in accent, so they got the literally immortal Max Von Sydow to do the v/o lip sync for the character.

I swear, way back in The Seventh Seal, Sydow looked 73 in that movie, and that was released in 1957. Yeah, born around 1884, that sounds about right...