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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Building a set: 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2 - Pack 4

People have opinions on this movie so I better get a move on in ripping these packs.

card #44
HOLY CRAP GHOSTBUSTERS 2 IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE. I shall add it to Santa Claus Conquors The Martians and Die Hard for my annual Christmas Eve Wrap ALL The Things film festival tradition. Plus scotch. LOTS of scotch on Xmas eve.

card #24
Ooooooh! Scary! At least until you see a still photo and realize how cheesy it looks.

card #69 dude
Ok, this card is ACTUALLY scary because for some reason the pink slime looks blood red. The slime on the subway tunnel card was neon pink so I'm not sure how the colors got jacked up to look red here. Slimy psycho-reactive blood-food dripping from the walls, guys! You know, for kids!

Zombie ghost nipples! I told ya that Topps got some milage out of the art cards in this set. The artist doesn't seem to be credited anywhere so I'm not sure who is responsible for this. I'd like to think he/she's a fan of The Cramps because Ghost Scoleri reminds me a bit of Lux Interior.

sticker #1

card #65
Yeah, the old lady being eaten by her coat got two cards for some reason. I've already used up my allotment of PETA jokes for the year so let's just move on.

card #60
The mucas patrol barge in and ruin Venkman's date. Oscar realizes he needs to step up his cockblocking game and decides to go take a walk on the ledge. NO ONE upstages Oscar.

card #61
Vigo's master plan is to make this museum look FABULOUS. Unfortunately Janosz bought the cheap dollar store candles instead of the nice scented ones. Dangit Janosz, possesing the body of an infant is very stressful! VIGO DEMANDS ROSEWOOD AROMATHERAPY.

card #25
Scoleri brothers hot pack! Here we have the two Scoleri ghosts and the ghosts of the electric chairs that fried 'em. I think the ghost on the right murdered a bunch of people and the one on the left ate the evidence. Man, that's a big ol' ghost. I really liked in the film how the mean angry hanging judge suddenly changed his tune re: capital punishment once the guys he sent to the chair came back looking for him. Obligatory Judge Smails because reasons:

Set completion: 32/88 36.4%
Sticker set completion: 3/11 27.3%
Doubles: 0
Sticker doubles: 1
Cards needed in the pack: 9
Number of cards needed for the set: 56
Number of cards left in the packs: 88

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JediJeff said...

Now I have a proton pack.

Ho. Ho. Ho.