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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June Vintage Card Show Loot: Floaty Head Goodness

Best thing about cards from the '60s: the league leader cards are cheap as hell and stacked with stars. The '60s also has a particular fondness for disembodied floaty heads. ESPECIALLY the 1963 Topps set. Check out this beauty:

 Frank, Stan and Hank of the same freaking card. Tommy Davis and Bill White weren't slouches either. There's about 14,000 hits on this card. Serious, serious star power right here.


HANK. FRANK. ERNIE. CHA-CHA. AND WILLIE-FREAKING-MAYS. ALL ON THE SAME CARD.  Ain't even estimating on this one. There are Two Thousand Eight Hundred And Ninety Two career home runs on this card. All without Biogenesis. Think about this: On this card, ORLANDO CEPEDA IS THE SCRUB. Holy crap I love this card. It also allowed me to do this:

'63 Topps Team set complete page. So many bright colors. The third League Leader card ain't too shabby either. Gibby, Drysdale and Sandy-Frickkin-Koufax? And Bob Shaw too boot! If only the high numbers were this fun to collect...


night owl said...

Damn, I got to put that Davis card on the want list.

Stealing Home said...

Any giant on a card is always a scrub. hehehe :P

Best Quick Recipes said...

Great cards!

genset said...

yes davis card pic..see you to top..by genset
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