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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Vintage Card Show Loot: 16 Hanks on 4 Cards

I already had these for my Braves team set, but I figured why not get 'em again for my 1974 Topps set. Here's the really old ones that will elude me for quite a while except for the '56, which is the pride of my collection.

Got three out of four of 'em here though. Got a lead on the fourth too, if I can manage to pull the trigger on it.

Batting .500 on this card. I wish I liked the 1966 and 1967 sets more.

Got all four of these though! The only Braves card from any of these sets that I still need is the High numbered Don Baylor rookie. It shall be mine. I like this card the best because it is miscut and you can see that odd Side B thing on the border. No idea what the heck that means. Any of you vintage geniuses out there can feel free to chime in if you know.

These four cards were in the bargain box for a decently bargainy price. Only four out of five of the tribure cards were in there so I scanned the last one from my team set just so for completeness' sake.

Gotta love the Hanks.


Ryan said...

Gotta love the Hanks! Nice pick-ups....writers block be GONE

--David said...

Man, what a great lot of Hanks! I have no idea what "Side B" means in the context of cardboard unless that was on the very edge of the uncut sheets so they would know which two side to marry during production. Or maybe it is the hit record upon which no one remembers the A side... (talk about your old reference!)

The Junior Junkie said...

These are awesome.

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etenakib said...

Love for Hanks
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