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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Joy of a completed Team set - 1977 Topps

Last page-completers from @Project1962. I should probably just turn into Night Owl South and just post trades from now on since I have no idea how to write anymore. The Non-Murphy rookie cards were the last ones needed this time, which is silly because these are not powerhouse rookie cards here by any means.

Apologies to Brian Asselstine fans, but you know what I say is truth

 Knucksie gets his own page because Knucksie


night owl said...

1 out of 8 posts on your friendly neighborhood Night Owl Cards last week was a trade post.

That's batting .125, or much worse than B.J. Upton territory.

Captain Canuck said...

not much worse though...


I now realize I'm missing Rick Camp and Brian Asselstine.

I don't even know their numbers.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

that Gary Mathews belongs on Airbrush Fridays.