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Monday, September 7, 2015

Joy of a Completed Set - 1983 Topps Superman III

Happy Labor Day! Here is a post that requires very little labor for me. Well, it took a while to scan all the cards but I did that months ago so thanks, me from July!

Here's a complete set of 1983 Topps Superman III cards. I didn't see this movie when it came out but I remember the Mad Magazine spoof fondly. The set itself isn't really known much at all but if it was it would be for its Richard Pryor (probably) rookie card. I'm not sure which of the numerous cards featuring Richard is his official rookie card but I'm going to go with the one where he's wearing the big foam cowboy hat. If Donruss previously put out a set of Silver Streak or Stir Crazy cards that I didn't know about, please disregard the previous sentence.

I collected this set in a very non laborious way, by buying the complete set at a card show. You can hear all about it in the Trading Card Preservation Society podcast here. The seller also had a Superman II set but I didn't buy that one because I already have over half the set. Now I get to scrounge dusty boxes for a bunch of singles or better yet, buy overpriced wax packs! Hooray! This set did not come with the stickers, so I still have so chase down those if I want a Richard Pryor sticker. Which of course I do. Enjoy the set and as always with these types of card sets beware of spoilers!

Has anyone watched this movie since maybe 1985? Gotta be better than the new dark gritty murder Superman movies, right?