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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Mooss once Bipped My Sister - Part 1 Panini

Contest is closed. Here are the entrants:

Chris Harris - Sticker Bip

BA Benny - Full Monty Bip

Mark's Ephemera - Panini Bip

RoofGod - Rumeal Bip

Fan of Reds - Leon And Rumeal Bip

Captain Canuck - I call that a Challenge!

Crawford Cards - All of them, no, Leon Bip

dfwbuck2 - Donruss Bip? That wasn't a choice?

Alex - Rumeal Bip

DogFacedGremlin - Bluff Bip

Capt Kirk - Sticker Bip

Scott Crawford - Leon Bip

Cardboard Icons - Rumeal Bip

Community Gum - Sticker and Leon Bip

Madding - Leon Bip

McCann Can Triple - Bluff Bip

Beardy - Leon Bip

Let's look at the first card from the sticker package. 

Oh my. A warning written directly on the card. Spastik Mooss is serious. Well, Moossey Mooss, let's see whatchoo got.

Two Expos Yar's Revenge Shinies. A mini Bip is defined by three cards of the same player. This is two. Weaksauce right out of the gate for the Mooss. Let's see if he can recover.

Three Mini Mitchells. Mini... and a Mini Bip. Clever.

A pair of minibip Cansecos.

A whole buncha Braves stickers, although only Gant, Skates and Justice count as minibips.

Finally we have the sticker equivalent of the MLB licenses this year.


Upper Deck:

No actual honest to God Bippings here, but for minibipping me with mini cards I'll give the Mooss credit. Yes, puns count.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bring it on

Why yes, I very likely did. I won't deny it, this is all my fault. You can't very well ignore cease-fires with bellicose indifference and unmitigated malice and not expect to have a few grenades launched your way. A certain fellow to the North casually announced in an e-mail today that I Shall Be Bipped. No worries. I'll take all comers, with the full knowledge that my Bipping arsenal is so mighty that with but a wave of my hand, I could unleash a volley of Bips that would leave the blogosphere a smoldering wreck. Mutually Assured Bippage. So bring it on, I'm not afraid. What does not kill me, only makes me stronger. Oh, wait,you have no clue what I'm talking about do you. Maybe this will help.

Tim the Spastik Mooss from Great Sports Name Hall of Fame left a comment in a post boasting he would epically Bip me. Pshaw. I have stared not one, but two 5000 count boxes of NOTHING BUT 1989 Topps in the face. I don't even have nightmares anymore. I lived one. However, every time Tim comments on a post he leaves his trademark Hahahahas and every time I see those Hahahahas I get a little piece of joy lodged in my dark black Bipping soul. Since Tim brings me such happiness, I thought I'd give him a shot at inflicting some Deep Hurting and pretty much dared him to do his worst. Well, today thee was a small Priority Mail package from Tim the size and weight of a brick. Inside was this:

 This is a 1997 Home Town Heroes card from Upper Deck. These coiuld be found in a box set or as a bonus card with a '97 Team set. Although it's a tiny bit worse for wear, it's a Chipper card I didn't have and I love the Tiptons anyway. Here's the back.

Pretty nifty shiny foily thing of the Jones Bros. (Dear God, I just realized that's one letter away from something horrible) Along with the nifty there was also this:

Is this a Bip? There is a small stack of what appears to be Panini Stickers inside. Strata on the side indicate there are some shinies and weirdness inside. On the back is a Panini Play Ball game.

Is this a Bip? On the front is an '88 Fleer Leon Durham. The back has 1996 Leaf #45. The side strata indicates a horrible mishmosh of seemingly random cards. That means nothing as every single one of those cards could be of a certain Mr. Roberts.

Is this a Bip? Rumeal Robinson was the NBA draft version of a Lottery Bip. The back has a 1996 Pacific Jeff Blauser card mocking me. The side is pretty nondescript, although I can see a few Donruss puzzle pieces hiding in there. This brick is actually made up of two different team bags, possibly indicating some shenanigans afoot.

Is this a Bip? There's a Braves Sticker on the front, a 1992 Topps Keith Mitchell on the back and a whole messload of 1990 Donruss in the middle. It's spread out with other cards breaking it up, but you can't mistake that blood, blood red.


Pick which package(s) are actual Bippings and win a prize. That's all you gotta do. Just pick:

1) Panini Bip
2) Leon Bip
3) Rumeal Bip
4) Sticker Bip

Or any combination therein, and you win. Simple enough. Your prize?

I shall Bip you.

Yep, that's your prize. I'll Bip the heck out of you. Enter the contest... if you dare.

Four more packs o' Heritage

I'll let The Easy Life do my patented long drawn out Bataan Death March of Box Rips this time and save my obsessive 'post every card' break for Allen & Ginter. Here are highlights from the other four packs of Heritage I got and a few things that stood out.


Yay! An All-Star SP! (Will trade this for McCann All Star in a nanosecond)

I don't know what happened here but it's interesting.

Anyone who collects Braves cards knows that ever since the Braves moved to the Disney/ESPN Wild World of Sports complex for Spring Training, Topps has been using that same damn generic background of the bleachers at that stadium for half their sets. I noticed the same thing going on with the backgrounds for some other teams.

Tiger Bucolic Bliss

Happy little trees. Notice the shadow, looks like Justin got his picture taken first.

Yankees Spring Training

Note the outfield wall. Also note that both of these dudes are no longer Yankees.

Red Sox Gray Havens

Note Gandalf and Frodo in the background. The Yankees win one damn World Series and Boston goes West over the sea with a bunch of Elves.

White Sox ???????

I have no clue what is going on behind Tyler here. Did he get sent to the cornfield? Is he standing in front of a Paul Klee? Is Ozzie Guillen projectile vomiting? What the hell is that?

After introducing the deathly dull News Flashback cards a couple of years ago, they've decided to cross over the tradition of putting boring-ass public domain photos from Wikipedia with no context whatsover to the Baseball Flashback set too. Two teams, different coasts, one stadium. Thanks Topps, for the clarity.

Yay Managers! Gotta have my Bobby!

I love all Babe Ruth cards unconditionally. I despise Topps for making me cringe when I pull one.

It bums me that the Yankees are in both versions of this Word Series subset. It bums me worse that they won this one.

One last thing... Have you noticed the copious amounts of facial hair in this year's set? Half the base cards has at the very least a soul patch adorning the player's face. A few years ago it was a shocking faux pas if the guy didn't shave off his five-o'clock shadow after batting practice and now everyone's going bushy. Aaaah, we live in grand times.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quarter Box Bounty - Part 7 A&G Mini Inserts

We have reached the end of our quarter box journey. I've saved the best for last: Allen & Ginter mini inserts. I found three National Heroes and two Hoaxers Bamboozlers and All -Around Bullshitters cards. I knew I had at least a couple of these, but I got 'em anyway. Maybe someone out there will need 'em.

Ethiopia Hero Haile Selassie

Jamaica Hero Marcus Garvey

Both of these dudes are big in the Rastafarian movement. Haile Selassie is really REALLY big in the Rastafarian movement. You know who else is big in the Rastafarian movement?

Yeaaaaaaah Peter Tosh. Peter needs a card too.

Iceland Hero Jon Sigurosson

This guy's like, George Washington of Iceland or something. It's Friday night. You don't need history lessons, you need music.

Hoax - Millard Fillmore bought a bathtub and Taft was too fat for it

H.L. Mencken, you big kidder.

The Cardiff Giant

Pretty much everybody involved with this mess was a big kidder.

One more song for a Friday night. Not from Cardiff, Might be Giants.

Quarter Box Bounty - Part 6 '35 Goudey

Not much to say about these, this insert set is really the only thing I like about 2009 Goudey. I knocked 4 off my list at least. Most of the cards in the set have a theme to them, no matter how obtuse.

Red Soxes


Oh goody. SportsCenter on cardboard.

Japanese Asian Players

Chien Ming Wang is from Taiwan, Upper Deck. I guess they all just look alike to  you, Upper Deck , I SUPPOSE. What, Hideki Matsui was busy?


What the hell is this? Random All-Stars? I must figure this out. Let's see... Total Douche, Smilin' Douche, Not a Douche, King Kamehameha Dreadlocked Super Douchey Douche. Damn, Jim Thome screws the Douche theme all up. Wait! 500 Home Runs! Well that's not bad at all! I need to quit being so cynical. I wonder if fans back in the '40s thought these same things about Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx and Mel Ott?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quarter Box Bounty - Part 5 A&G Minis

There were a whole bunch of Allen & Ginter Minis in that quarter box, after announcing to the world where the place is I fully expect them to be gone the next time I go there. I picked up 12 of them, 7 of which were base minis. I only picked cards I thought had an excellent chance of making my mini binder. No sense in buying a crummy mini just to throw it into the reject box. Here are my 7 and if they made it in or not.

Red Moore

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? Yes

Who was it? 2006 Todd Helton

This card was in the binder no matter what. My favorite card of 2009. The only card that could have possibly kept it out would be the '07 Torii Hunter.

Herb Simpson

Did it make it? No

Who kept him out? 2006 Black Border Johnny Pesky

I was very disappointed that Herb didn't make the set. Black bordered cards are really hard to bump out of the binder though. I need to find one of the many Red Sox Fans out there to trade me something cool for that Pesky. Either that or add one more page to the binder for "close but no cigar" cards. An utterly fantastic 2008 Bob Motley card is not in the binder either and that might be the best of that set. The guy keeping him out? Torii, of course.

Adam LaRoche Black Border

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? No - Open Space

How do you get a black border Roachy in Atlanta for a quarter?? Man people here are fickle. No hard decisions here, that space in the binder was wide open.

Andy LaRoche

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? No - Open Space

The LaRoche bros. both filled up an open spot in the binder. I would have gotten Andy even without the nepotism as he is a short print mini. Minis #301-350 are not easy to track down.

Cliff Lee

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? Yes

Who was it? 2008 Carlos Gomez

See what I mean about Carlos Gomez? He's everywhere. No way he's keeping out a pitcher like Lee. I've got 2008 minis coming out of my ears too, so they are easy to bump.

Tim Lincecum

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? No - Open Space

The only mini card I got that wasn't a Negro Leaguer, Short Print or Black Border. I figured 420 Lincy could hold his own with any mini card. Tim got all ready to fight it out for nothing as he filled an open slot in the binder. Amazingly, I still do not have a single completed page, even though most of the pages have at least 12 cards out of 15.

Chris Young

Did it make it? No

Who kept him out? 2008 Matt Diaz

It's a short print, but I just don't like this card. Chris looks like he's up to no good and this was the first double SP for me from 2009. He ain't knocking out no Brave, that's for sure. Matt Diaz is quickly becoming the 21st century outfield version of Bruce Benedict. The Braves keep bringing in outfielders and Matt just keeps on producing.

I'll finish this up tomorrow if I can wake up early enough. I've got other stuff I want to post.

2010 Heritage Madness


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