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Monday, February 22, 2010

My haul from the weekend '70s Code Madness

Apparently Topps' Code Giveaway Transmogrifier got stuck this weekend and kept spitting out cards from the '70s. Pretty much any old slob could enter a code and get a '70s card. I had a few bucks in my pocket, which turned into a few packs from Target which turned in to this:
Yaz - RCq$Fg7JS

1973 Bill Bonham

No Congratulations image because I tried to get the redemptions on video and my entire machine locked hard. '73 Cub, could be worse.

Campy - Mg5xrTpP?

1975 Bobby Valentine

More '70s at least. What the heck is up with the all-green border? Something's not right.

Ichiro - %!5?rZtCM

1973 Gagliano

Another '73. I'm still not crazy about the set but I can't complain. At least it wasn't mid '00s weekend. I've got some trade bait for sure. Speaking of trades, I turned this:

into this:

Can you believe someone offered me that trade?? Hell, maybe I should start offering my Wendell Magee Jr for '53 high numbers... you never know, it just might work.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Score on the Tiant! That's awesome.

night owl said...

Damn, I wish I redeened a Yankee. Those collectors are nuts.

Matt Runyon said...

Wow--great trade!!!

JD's Daddy said...

I love a good Calvin and Hobbes reference. +1 entry for you in the Olympic contest!

Mark Aubrey said...

Since I'm not buying 2010 anything packs, I'm not into the whole Topps giveaway. Great idea and I like the trade feature.

But what is up with the notice of:

"Exact appearance of actual card may not match the image above."

Does that mean they can send you any card they want to?

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

To answer Mark's Ephemera that's just legalese to cover Topp's butt in case someone gets a card slightly off center or with a printing flaw or a nicked corner and trys to sue Topps to kingdom come.

Slangon said...

NIce on the Tiant. I have a 1960 Cubs team card that is a high number. One guy offered me a 1987 Jimmy Key for it. I was terrified that I would accidentally hit the accept button.

dayf said...

I know what you mean, I am tempted to offer my Wendell Magee Jr. card to everyone with a '53 High number card in the hopes that someone will click the wrong button.

Community Gum said...

That's a mighty fine exchange. All I get is the stupid Jody Davis offer (http://communitygum.com/?p=298) and someone wanting to trade a 87 Boggs for our '74 Jim Willoughby....

gritz76 said...

I've been fishing for some '62 hi#'s. No luck as of yet but I figure it can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Awesome trade!

Not quite a Tiant, but I just accepted a trade for a '75 Enos Cabell for my '05 Grady Sizemore.