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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quarter Box Bounty - Part 5 A&G Minis

There were a whole bunch of Allen & Ginter Minis in that quarter box, after announcing to the world where the place is I fully expect them to be gone the next time I go there. I picked up 12 of them, 7 of which were base minis. I only picked cards I thought had an excellent chance of making my mini binder. No sense in buying a crummy mini just to throw it into the reject box. Here are my 7 and if they made it in or not.

Red Moore

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? Yes

Who was it? 2006 Todd Helton

This card was in the binder no matter what. My favorite card of 2009. The only card that could have possibly kept it out would be the '07 Torii Hunter.

Herb Simpson

Did it make it? No

Who kept him out? 2006 Black Border Johnny Pesky

I was very disappointed that Herb didn't make the set. Black bordered cards are really hard to bump out of the binder though. I need to find one of the many Red Sox Fans out there to trade me something cool for that Pesky. Either that or add one more page to the binder for "close but no cigar" cards. An utterly fantastic 2008 Bob Motley card is not in the binder either and that might be the best of that set. The guy keeping him out? Torii, of course.

Adam LaRoche Black Border

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? No - Open Space

How do you get a black border Roachy in Atlanta for a quarter?? Man people here are fickle. No hard decisions here, that space in the binder was wide open.

Andy LaRoche

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? No - Open Space

The LaRoche bros. both filled up an open spot in the binder. I would have gotten Andy even without the nepotism as he is a short print mini. Minis #301-350 are not easy to track down.

Cliff Lee

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? Yes

Who was it? 2008 Carlos Gomez

See what I mean about Carlos Gomez? He's everywhere. No way he's keeping out a pitcher like Lee. I've got 2008 minis coming out of my ears too, so they are easy to bump.

Tim Lincecum

Did it make it? Yes

Did it bump someone out? No - Open Space

The only mini card I got that wasn't a Negro Leaguer, Short Print or Black Border. I figured 420 Lincy could hold his own with any mini card. Tim got all ready to fight it out for nothing as he filled an open slot in the binder. Amazingly, I still do not have a single completed page, even though most of the pages have at least 12 cards out of 15.

Chris Young

Did it make it? No

Who kept him out? 2008 Matt Diaz

It's a short print, but I just don't like this card. Chris looks like he's up to no good and this was the first double SP for me from 2009. He ain't knocking out no Brave, that's for sure. Matt Diaz is quickly becoming the 21st century outfield version of Bruce Benedict. The Braves keep bringing in outfielders and Matt just keeps on producing.

I'll finish this up tomorrow if I can wake up early enough. I've got other stuff I want to post.


Cardsplitter said...

I wouldn't trust that Chris Young either.

There need to be more Negro League cards. Has anyone ever done a Josh Gibson card?

Captain Canuck said...

open space or no, a black border LaRoche goes IN the damn binder.

sociallyawkwardjellyfish said...

There was a Josh Gibson Home Run History insert set in '07 Topps.

IkesCards said...

I went to that shop last night and picked up a few mini's in addition to a stack of Cardinals. Not too many mini's left though, I think I got 5 or 6 A&G backs but that's it. Thanks again!

IkesCards said...

One more thing, there was a Josh Gibson in 06 A&G.

AdamE said...

I want that Pesky card. Look for something in the mail real soon.

dayf said...

Cardsplitter - Like Ike and addict said, Gibson has an '06 A&G card as well as quite a few recent issues in Topps and some Upper Deck Legends sets.

Canuck - I said I only picked up minis that were almost guaranteed to get in the binder. Only Chipper or a Black border Braves was going to keep Roachey out.

Ike - Pick up all you want, it will be at least a couple of weeks before I can get back there.

Adam - I knew I could count on you crazed Sawx fans to get Herb in the Binder!

IkesCards said...

dayf - That's my last trip to that shop in a while. I cleared out nearly all of his Cardinals so I'll stick to Champion on my next trip in Mid-March. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully someone else picked up the last few mini's. I left an Enron hoax mini behind as I had one coming in the mail.