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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am so ashamed

So much for saving those two codes for a rainy day...

Thurman Munson


1987 George Brett

Had anyone pulled a really crummy '87 Topps card? All I'm seeing are Ozzies and Boggses and Schmidts and Bretts. I guess Topps knew that no one would pay anything to ship a '87 Dave Van Ohlen and just went with the stars on this one.

Gary Carter


1967 Dick Kelley

YES! A card from the '60s! And a Brave too! That I already have! There's no problem here... I'll see if I can trade it for that '68 Alou I need. Sure, I'll have to pay three bucks to have it shipped, but it's a major award!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go out and buy 147 blasters.



Play at the Plate said...

I got a really crappy 1987 card. My post will be up shortly.

I Don't Know...3rd Base said...

I had 18 code cards and 6 of them turned out to be 1987 cards. 3 of them were HOF's!

sruchris said...

Does anyone know how to query publicly-available images stored in Amazon S3? Topps has all of the images of the cards they're giving away saved there and I've spent way too much time yesterday and today trying to figure it out.

The first 1,000 Topps Million Giveaway images

Peterson said...

My thoughts upon finishing my three entries:
"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go out and buy 147 blasters.

even Ebay is getting some of this action, check auctions for the codes...nuts!

RWH said...

I got a couple of crappy 1987 cards, but fortunately my Dave Von Ohlen came from 1985. A great year for Von Ohlens.

SqueezePlayCards said...

Nice on getting a vintage Brave. I wonder if all the blasters will go quickly now that this promotion is getting so much press.

Fuller said...

Well, I got a checklist card, so no, they aren't all great.

Anonymous said...

I got the crappiest 1987 card possible.

But I'm willing to part with it. See my blog for details. ;)