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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Four more packs o' Heritage

I'll let The Easy Life do my patented long drawn out Bataan Death March of Box Rips this time and save my obsessive 'post every card' break for Allen & Ginter. Here are highlights from the other four packs of Heritage I got and a few things that stood out.


Yay! An All-Star SP! (Will trade this for McCann All Star in a nanosecond)

I don't know what happened here but it's interesting.

Anyone who collects Braves cards knows that ever since the Braves moved to the Disney/ESPN Wild World of Sports complex for Spring Training, Topps has been using that same damn generic background of the bleachers at that stadium for half their sets. I noticed the same thing going on with the backgrounds for some other teams.

Tiger Bucolic Bliss

Happy little trees. Notice the shadow, looks like Justin got his picture taken first.

Yankees Spring Training

Note the outfield wall. Also note that both of these dudes are no longer Yankees.

Red Sox Gray Havens

Note Gandalf and Frodo in the background. The Yankees win one damn World Series and Boston goes West over the sea with a bunch of Elves.

White Sox ???????

I have no clue what is going on behind Tyler here. Did he get sent to the cornfield? Is he standing in front of a Paul Klee? Is Ozzie Guillen projectile vomiting? What the hell is that?

After introducing the deathly dull News Flashback cards a couple of years ago, they've decided to cross over the tradition of putting boring-ass public domain photos from Wikipedia with no context whatsover to the Baseball Flashback set too. Two teams, different coasts, one stadium. Thanks Topps, for the clarity.

Yay Managers! Gotta have my Bobby!

I love all Babe Ruth cards unconditionally. I despise Topps for making me cringe when I pull one.

It bums me that the Yankees are in both versions of this Word Series subset. It bums me worse that they won this one.

One last thing... Have you noticed the copious amounts of facial hair in this year's set? Half the base cards has at the very least a soul patch adorning the player's face. A few years ago it was a shocking faux pas if the guy didn't shave off his five-o'clock shadow after batting practice and now everyone's going bushy. Aaaah, we live in grand times.


Matt said...

Ahhhh! The grass is consuming Bonderman's leg. Never, ever, ever trust plants.

Anonymous said...

Initially, I was happy that Heritage was doing '61. However, after seeing a lot of singles.. I'm not all that thrilled. Those backgrounds are kinda why.

Hackenbush said...

The two Tigers cards are very similar to these cards from 2007 -- http://canthavetoomanycards.blogspot.com/search?q=take+these+rookies.