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Sunday, February 14, 2010

2006 Topps Rack Pack Vintage Cards

For some reason Night Owl and I have been on the same wavelength this week. He did an Upper Deck Post, so I hopped on the UD train.  I had a Yo Momma Alex Gordon post planned, and he scooped me. Today as I was writing up my Topps Million Code predictions, I check my homepage and see he got to that first too. So here's something that Night Owl hasn't done first, plus it may or may not be helpful in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. Here's a list of every vintage Topps card I pulled out of a Rack Pack in 2006. Or most of 'em anyway.

Topps last had a vintage giveaway in 2006 when  they inserted three vintage cards in every rack pack. I bought Rack Packs as if they were about to be declared illegal, and for some strange reason I stored them all in my 2006 Topps box along with the set and all my inserts. There was no reason to do so, they aren't marked or anything, just normal cards. But, since I did so I can now go back and list all of them. Now, the cards they inserted then and the cards they're giving away now are not necessarily the same type of thing, but it's a good data point for you all to maybe temper those thoughts of getting a '50s card with every code. I have a feeling it may be best to set your expectations low so if you do get something other than a 1989 common card you might get excited about it. If you bought your code off of eBay for five bucks, well, I can't do nothing for ya man.

Here's the list of 2006 Rack pack vintagey cards I pulled.

1952-1978: none

1979: 4
379 Lance Rautzhan
393 Scott McGregor
550 Sal Bando
705 Indians Prospects

1980: 0

1981: 2
241 Checkllist
383 Eric Soderholm

1982: 3
225 Mike Torrez
632 Bryan Clark
639 Ken Kravec

1983: 12
37 Darrell Johnson (2)
207 Rick Camp
216 Tony LaRussa
255 Gene Garber
269 Ron Oester
340 Larry Gura
402 Andre Dawson All-Star
495 Warren Cromartie  (2)
594 Eric Rassmussen
671 Lenny Faedo

1984: 18
101 Porfiro Altamirano
103 Dwayne Murphy
177 Jerry Hairston
185 Sixto Lezcano
221 Cliff Johnson
244 Candy Maldonado (2)
282 Jim Barr
473 Jim Dwyer
476 Tom Tellmann
477 Rafael Landestoy
608 Bobby Johnson
651 John MacNamera
744 Jamie Allen
761 John Montefusco
774 Tom Gorman
776 Craig Reynolds
783 Luis Leal

1985: 23
94 Toby Harrah
142 Father * Son - Trout
250 Jesse Orosco
284 Marty Bystrom
312 Marc Hill
313 Dave Schmidt (3)
400 Oddibe McDowell
418 Ken Landreaux
426 Vern Ruhle
452 John Castino
507 Ray Fontenot
527 Checklist
534 Brian Dayett
540 Claudell Washington
554 Doug Flynn
651 Jeff Russell
659 Checklist
720 Rick Sutcliffe All-Star
763 Kiko Garcia
784 Checklist

1986: 13
101 Dave Bergman
207 Fernando Valenzuela Record Breaker
245 Jim Sundberg
253 Dann Bilardello
410 Dave Kingman
541 Jorge Orta
542 Don Schiltze
545 Jimmy Key
584 Brian Fisher
589 Sid Bream
678 Dan Gladden
760 Andre Dawson (2)

1987: 6
405 Brook Jacoby
740 Rich Gedman
746 Bob Ojeda
748 Mike Flanagan
749 Ozzie Smith
751 Garth Iorg

1988: 27
47 Joaquin Anduhar
68 Dave Dravecky
96 Todd Benzinger
162 Mark McLemore
167 Rance Mulliniks
187 Steve Kiefer
208Steve Lake
223 Stan Jefferson
225 Mike Scioscia
299 Steve Crawford
305 Steve Sax
322 Vincente Palacios
309 Bill Long
343 Greg Gagne (2)
436 Mike Bielecki
485 Harold Reynolds
513 Tim Flannery
517 Ron Robinson (2)
524 Gary Lucas
533 John Farrell
571 Mark Williamson
630 Darrell Evans
651 Mike Jackson
662 Turn Back The Clock Jim Rice
728 Andy Allenson

89: 59
38 Paul Runge
56 Pat Tabler
59 Mark Davis
62 Alfredo Griffen
71Mike Boddicker
112 Jim Presley
156 Dave Gallager (2)
158 Mike Aldrete
171 Atlanta Braves
179 Ozzie Virgil
194 Greg Harris
201 Toronto Blue Jays
202 Brad Moore
214 Charlie O'Brien
231 San Diego Padres
232 Ricky Horton
242 Ed Vande Berg
247 Shawn Hillegas
259 Larry McWilliams
306 Tracy Woodson (2)
308 Ron Karkovice
215 Greg Swindell
368 Brian Holton
374 John Wathan
401 Jose Canseco All-Star
409 Ken Dayley
411 Mitch Williams
417 Mike LaCoss
422 Bo Diaz
426 Danny Gladden
433 Albert Hall
434 Ken Patterson
460 Dave Stieb
475 Dave Parker
494 Shane Rawley
498 Dave Valle
551 Randy Ready
565 Jeff Russell
568 Mickey Brantley
577 Randy Bush
597 Terry Taylor
610 Randy Myers
620 Barry Bonds
626 Jeff Reed
646 Kevin Bass
661 Turn Back the Clock Bwight Gooden
676 Ernie Riles
690 Doug Jones
718 Glenn Braggs
750 Brett Saberhagen
752 Jim Gott
766 Cecilio Guante
773 Keith Moreland
775 Jeff Reardon
791 Jim Lindeman
792 Rafael Santana
1990: 1
105 Randy Myers

1990 Traded: 14
25T Storm Davis (2)
32T John Franco
42T Sam Horn
61T Jim Leyritz
75T Alan Mills
89T Alejandro Pena
98T Jim Presley
101T Jeff Reardon
106T Scott Ruskin
121T Russ Swan
127T Mitch Webster
130T Dave Winfield
132T Checklist

1991: 0

1992: 2
69 Kenny Lofton
641 David Howard

1993-2005: 0

Like I said, the kinds of cards put in the '06 Rack Packs may very well be completely different from the ones they are giving away in 2010, but just remember to be realistic about the whole thing before you enter that code. Optimists are never pleasantly surprised.


night owl said...

Oh, I accumulated a whole bunch of those rack pack "vintage cards" in 2006, too. But there's no way I could go back and list them all. I do have a feeling it's about the same amount you had.

I'm thinking they didn't include any 1980 Topps cards in that '06 giveaway. I didn't get single one either. I did get a 1979 Brave (Mickey Mahler).

Sorry to cover the same topics. I guarantee my next post won't be in your draft file.

dayf said...

I'm not saying that no one has more '06 rack vintages than me, I'm just saying no one was crazy/stupid enough to keep them all with their '06 cards so they could go back four years later and list them all.

No worries about you scooping me, great minds think alike and I've been procrastinatey lately. I'll do a massive post of "Greatest Giants Cards Ever" to break our mental link.

Captain Canuck said...

184 cards with 3 in each rack gives us either 2 missing cards or one bonus card.
are the two you're missing a '58 Aaron and '59 Mantle?

Mark Aubrey said...

Dizzy Trout has a bit of David Letterman thing going on. Or vice versa.

dayf said...

These are all the ones that lived in my 2006 box. If a couple of them escaped into the wild, there's no hope for them now...

I can absolutely assure you that I did not get any cards outside the 1979-1992 range.

night owl said...

I did get a couple 1993 cards in those '06 packs. Those were the most recent.

madding said...

I want to hear from someone... anyone... one believable person who can tell me that they got something "vintage" in a 1991 Topps pack when they tried some sort of giveaway back in the day. And, of course, I'd like to know what it was...

dayf said...

I never pulled a vintage card out of 1991 Topps but I have heard vague rumors that it did happen to someone... somewhere...

So yeah I'm in the same boat as you.

Anonymous said...

go here to see a card pulled from a 1991 topps baseball card pack


as for the vintage cards even i like seeing any even if theyre from the late 1980s