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Sunday, December 28, 2014

When you get old you forget about birthdays

Yesterday morning was the eighth anniversary of the launch of this blog. Back then I was young and sprightly and posted things about baseball cards at 5-something in the morning. Now I'm old and cynical and broken and can't function until 11AM even with coffee. In previous years I posted a happy birthday to me thing to commemorate it but I didn't this year because lazy. Still, you can't just ignore the Yogi anniversary so here's eight Yogis that may or may not have been posted here before in honor of eight Years.

yeah I know, recycled pictures.

Maybe next year I can bother to post at least once a week. If you count all the abandoned posts in my draft folder I've actually been very prolific. In my defense I've been busy spouting nonsense on Twitter and doing a Podcast in 2014. And actually sorting and organizing my isht, if I can find a few more sheets I'll have all my sets binder'd from 1971-1983 by the end of the year.

Here's to 2015, may it not be as utter crap as 2014!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Joy of a Completed Set - 2002 Rittenhouse James Bond: Die Another Day

 Because North Korea and Sony (and Paramount) can go suck each other's dicks. Cuba's OK now though.

Remember to read the back of the page down to up! Completely backwards, just like the rest of the fuckin' world in 2014.

I'm on a bit of a Bond kick right now and I need more cards of James in my life.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Old Birds

Here's some crummy old Topps cards I need for my Hawks and Falcons team sets. I had a Flames list laboriously typed up at one time but an unexpected Windows update reboot ate it. I'll add pretty pictures sometime before I die. probably.

St.Louis/Atlanta Hawks
1948 Bowman
57-58 Topps
61-62 Fleer
All of 'em

11 Gary Gregor
27 Walt Hazzard
53 Jim Davis
65 Lou Hudson
77 Don Ohl
86 Bill Bridges

18 Walt Bellamy
37 Joe Caldwell
123 Pete Maravich
134 Walt Hazzard

55 Pete Maravich
116 Walt Bellamy

5 Pete Maravich

28 Eddie Mast
46 Walt Bellamy
106 Herm Gilliam

119 Steve Bracey
130 Pete Maravich
150 Lou Hudson

5 Herm Gilliam
59 Dwight Jones
153 Bob Kauffman

81 Dwight Jones



24 Eddie Johnson



Atlanta Falcons
1966 Philadelphia
1 Falcons logo
6 Alex Hawkins
8 Frank Lasky
11 ???

1967 Philadelphia
2 Junior Coffey
7 Tommy Nobis

1968 Topps

1969 Topps

1970 Topps
156 Claude Humphrey
209 John Zook

1971 Topps

1972 Topps
107 Bob Berry309 Tommy Nobis

1973 Topps
9 Clarence Ellis
91 Mike Tilleman
200 Claude Humphrey
281 Wes Chesson
411 Bill Bell437 Bob Berry

1974 Topps

1975 Topps
245 Claude Humphrey
436 Tommy Nobis
455 John James HL

1976 Topps
506 Nick Mike-Mayer

1977 Topps
157 Scott Hunter

1978 Topps

1979 Topps
71 Steve Bartkowski

1980 Topps

1981 Topps
73 Lynn Cain - SA

1982 Topps
275 Steve Bartkowski - SA
282 Alfred Jenkins - SA
287 Mick Luckhurst - SA
290 RC Thielemann

1983 Topps
20 Kenny Johnson
21 Mike Kenn

1984 Topps

1985 Topps

1986 Topps

1987 Topps

1988 Topps

1989 Topps
336 Team Card
337 Aundray Bruce
339 Scott Case
341 Chris Miller
342 Gerald Riggs
346 John Settle347 Bill Fralic

updated: 4/19/15