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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Do Not Cut Crew

These folks all suggested I don't cut the panels. Unfortunately, the howling mob outshouted them and now the cards shall be cut. However, per the rules of the contest if someone commented with a good enough reason I'd enter them in the contest drawing anyway. Here are the suggestions and my verdicts:

MattR said... Don't cut 'em. Your great great grandkids will thank you.

Only if they need to burn the panels for fuel as the suffer through a nuclear winter.

thewritersjourney said... Dude, don't cut 'em. They'll pay for your kid's college. Duh.

My children don't want an education that can be paid for with Greg Gross.

Al K said... Since it's about 31C here (90F) don't cut them, use them as fans--hmmm-baseball fans

This is an excellent idea... I wish I had brought a panel with me to take to the Braves game now. +1 entry.

FanOfReds said... Don't cut the cards, but do trim the edges to make 'em nice... In fact, I believe the box bottom "4 of cards" make a really neat sound when you put them in the wheels of a motorcycle... Think of them as an adults version of the baseball cards in bicycle spokes thing.

Panel + motorcycle spokes = +1 entry.
De Soto said... Storage will always be a problem. The storage hassle alone is why I cut a sheet of football cards back in the day. BUT don't cut. Don't cut because it's a unique thing to have. Apart they are essentially worthless.

I hate to break this to you but they are essentially worthless... period.

Andy said... Do not cut.The lines provided between cards are extremely narrow. This means that the panels cannot be cut without damaging one or more cards on one side or the other of the line. Nobody lines damaged cards. The virgin panel is a thing of beauty. You can trim the outer edge of the panel, but not right up to the outer lines...just to clean up the whole panel...and then LET IT BE.

These panels are about as virgin as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in the middle of a 6 month tour on the USS Nimitz. +1 entry for putting a Beatles song in my head though.

cardboardicons said... I agree -- DO NOT CUT. None of these are going to be worth a damn anyway, but they are much cooler in their un-cut form. I mean if someone cut this bad boy up, I would have have this awesome collectible ...http://cardboardicons.com/2009/01/25/card-of-the-day-1961-post-hank-aaron-un-cut-panel/

+1 entry for awesome link. Just understand there is a HUGE difference between a panel from 1961 and one from 1991.

Jeremy Roe said... Do not cut...even if you cut them, the thickness will not be normal and there is no back to the card.

A card with no back violates the laws of physics.

klandersen said... Back when I was a kid I would have cut them with plain scissors, and did many a time. I think most of my cards from those days are long gone. Of course if they get cut and then are sent into one of the grading companies they will probably come back ungraded as "cut" cards (some companies would probably call them counterfeits due to that as well)Anyway in their current state I would NOT Cut them. I would nicely trim them though carefully with one of those desktop paper cutters (the "guillotine paper cutter" as Jeff Wolfe commented). If you don't have one of those then either sharp scissors (and a steady hand) or use a utility or exacto knife with a ruler or straight edge.yeah storage would be a little problem, but you could store them in a binder in 1 pocket plastic sheets. The pockets on a two pocket sheet is too small.

Would you seriously grade a 1989 Greg Gross box bottom card? these would be rejected for creases, scuffs, general moldiness and dirt commonness anyway.

AdamE said... Cut them but don't cut them. Trim all of the junk off the edges with a papercutter. But don't seperate the four cards. Keep them together always. Stick them in the front pocket of the binder with your complete set.

Now, I very nearly disqualified Adam for trying to have it both ways with the cut but don't cut comment, BUT... the idea of putting them in the outer display pocket of a binder with the set is frickin' genius. +3 entries.

Dan said... Donts Cuts Its!We cants cuts Precccciousssss! Precious is our reasons for being! Precious shows us how to take care of our stuff!No, cants cuts it!

Dan is insane.

Also, Dan knows that I not only love Lord of the Rings but am obsessed with the Smeagol/Gollum character. This comment is the overall winner of the suggestions portion of the contest, and if Dan wants I'll send him some Lord of the Rings Masterpieces cards for his effort. +10 entries.

The drawing will be tonight, unless there is a two hour rain delay like the other two games I've been to this year. Results will be anounced tomorrow regardless.

The Cutting Crew

Everyone here advocated cutting the cards so they are in the contest. Some of them get extra entries due to their unique suggestions.
Stormy said... Use a pizza cutter. Pizza + cards = WIN.

I tried using a pizza cutter on my 1998 Zenith packs and it didn't work. He's thinking outside the box though. +1 entry

Joe S. said... Cut them with dull, rounded scissors that you used to have in elementary school. This will ensure frayed edges - just like box bottoms are meant to be!

I did this many times in elementary school. +1 entry simply for the nostalgia value.

Matt said... .. Tomahawk-chop them up! Using an actual tomahawk. Anything to free Rickey Henderson from being forever attached to Greg Gross

Good idea (and blatant suck-up to a Braves fan), but sadly all my tomahawks are foam.

Motherscratcher said... Definately cut them for 2 main reasons:1. I like you. If I didn't like you I would say leave them uncut. This would sentence you to an existence with these big uncut panels that don't really fit anywhere and you have to kind of find a place to file them away but there isn't really anywhere that they fit and they just kind of kick around and you move them from place to place but they don't really fit anywhere and you have to kind of find a place to file them away but there isn't anywhere that they fit and they just kind of kick around and you move them from place to place but they don't really fit anywhere sort of deal.I like you too much for that. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Well, maybe Capt Canuck, but he's Canadian so he hardly matters.2. I'd like to see you cut them with an exacto knife...with your left hand (or right if you're left handed). After drinking 3-4 beers. No ruler - that would be cheating. Give you a real chance to show off some skills. You should definately video this and post it. Good times will be had by all. Keep some band aides handy, just in case.Well, that's my opinion anyway.

This is the one I'm probably going to do. At least the beer part. Plus he likes me! He really likes me! +5 entries

Greg said... Cut the cards.Go out and buy a frickin' shark with a frickin' laser beam attched to it's frickin' head, and then have the shark cut the cards./Dr. Evil

When I originally wrote the post one of my card cutting examples was sharks with frickin' laser beams, but I deleted it to see if anyone came up with it on their own. +3 entries

night owl said... Cut, cut!Why? Because I dug the Gross-Henderson-Lasorda-Hernandez panel out of giant pile of trash in the stock room of the drug store where I used to work way back in '89, rescuing it from the trash compactor.On the way home with the panel in my old, rusted Chrysler LeBaron, I swore I heard the Hernandez panel say, "Oh, thank you, thank you, Mr. Card Collector. But please cut us into 4 individual cards. We will never be truly free unless we have our identity (yes, I know that rhymes)." Then Hernandez said, "Isn't my mustache grand?"So, I brought it home, used the only pair of scissors I could find -- my grandmother's dull sewing scissors -- and freed them once and for all. Unfortunately, I didn't do that great of a job, and most of them are creased.

+1 entry because Keith Hernandez talks to Night Owl and that scares me.

White Sox Cards said... Cut, but go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a cheap paper trimmer with the guide and the slicing arm so you can get a precise cut. When these were new, my mistake was not having one.

I'm too broke to go out and buy cutting hardware unfortunately.

Jeffrey Wolfe said... Cut 'em with a guillotine paper cutter like everybody's art teacher used to have. That way they're nice and straight, that's more than you can say for Topps and Fleer most of the time. And for the love of god why is Greg bleeping Gross on one of those!!?? Was he still playing in 1988!!??

+1 entry for also wondering what the hell Greg Gross did to deserve a box-bottom card.

McCann Can Triple said... Cut'em. Cut 'em. cut em up!Take them to a barber shop and pay the barber a shinny quarter to have them “professionally” cut.

Professional barbers are very touchy about their scissors, I'd likely get stabbed.

Don said... You definately need to cut them, preferably with a paper cutter, but be careful that you don't stick your finger in the way of the arm as you bring it down and cut off a tip of your finger. Blood does not look good on a card. If your place of business does not have a paper cutter use scissors. Like the cards on the bottoms of the King Dons boxes back in the 70s these cards were made to be cut. That was the intent of the manufacturer. You really don't want to go against their intent, do you? Also, think of these panels as conjoined quads. Free them so they can live happy and fruitfull lives.

+1 entry for the King Dons reference.

mmosley said... CUT! Who wants a panel of 80's and 90's wax? Nobody!But who wants a 1990 Fleer Blue Jays card? Oh wait, what's my point?Cut 'em. With a candlestick in the Billiards room!

Nice Clue reference, but he should have said who did it with the candlestick in the billiards room. (I think it was Miss Scarlet)

mikepelfreyshouse said... I say cut em. Use one of those things art classes used to have, one of those big blades and a little board that make almost perfect cuts.

I remember those things, but I haven't seen one in years. I think they've been outlawed for their potential for general mayhem.

Jim said... Cut them for the same reason I cut out my '89 Topps Box Bottoms - they look great in the binder with the rest of the set. I actually had a paper cutter thingy on hand to slice and dice and they came out nicely. Greg Gross will thank you.

+1 entry because I am thinking about putting my 1986 Topps set into a binder and the box bottom cards (with the red tops) would look awesome in that binder.

Alec said... I'd say cut it! And to cut it, find a little kid somewhere and have him/her rip at it until four cards are produced. May not be the neatest way, but at least you'll share the joy with some random kid.

This has potential... +1 entry

Todd Uncommon said... You so need to cut these. There remains, I am sure, far too many 'pristine' specimens of these full of cards, sitting in cases inside somebody's Public Storage unit about to foreclosed upon and the contents auctioned off (Not mine. Yet. I think. Pretty sure.)Until those hobby fugitives are freed from their card jail, these are far more interesting when they're cut.Besides, judging from the images, these panels were already hacked off the rest of the box with left-handed safety scissors at least fifteen years ago. Doesn't count as pristine unless it's got the box sides and top, right?These cards are far more interesting for player collectors when singled out. The legion of Dave Steeb (Stieb? Steib? Stabe? Steyb? Beets?) collectors out there would certainly have forgotten about this specimen--especially one cut out as a singleton.Plus, these are unexpected hits in the player-tabbed (Canseco, Jose. Canseco, Ozzie.) singles boxes at shops and shows. Someone will look at one of these and go, "Huh. I don't remember that from third grade. Three bucks? This might be rare! What's the risk?"And then you're three bucks richer!As for cutting, unless you cut diamonds by hand for a living, it's be near impossible to hand-cleave these without looking like you were trying to straighten out a snake. Use a heavy-duty guillotine paper cutter. You know, the kind that intimidates even Kinko's employees. Plus, You need to hold the panel hard against an edge, and then give the old Robespierre for a straight, even, almost factory cut. (The hinge types always mislead you, and end up with cuts that slant, as it pulls your panel sheet out as it cuts.)Best of luck, Monsieur!

-1 entry for Wall O' Text +1 entry for left handed safety scissors +1 entry for Legion of Stieb -1 entry for even thinking of charging three bucks for a box bottom card +1 entry for scaring me with the paper guillotine

dinged corners said... Cuttenheimer. Method: fine-tuned blowtorch.

I actually have a small blowtorch for making creme brulee... +2 entries for giving me evil thoughts.

Ben said... I say cut them, but only if you use something like THIS (the knife, not my car). Seventeen inches of card cutting fury!!!Now I'm tempted to cut my '88 Fleer box bottoms with it...

+1 entry for the machete. +2 entries if he actually cuts those '88 box bottoms with it and posts it before I do the drawing.

Drew said... Cut them using scissors. Some of those cards are nice!

Scissors have already been thoroughly discussed.

Fuji said... If those box bottoms were mine... I'd cut them up with my students' scrapbooking scissors... you know... the ones that create zig-zag borders. Anyways... I'd cut them up... put my signature on them (hard signed... no flippin' sticker autos)... and post them on ebay as 1 of 1's.

I had a bunch of those scissors but they vanished. If I can find any I'll cut a box with them though.

Tom. said... Cut them with a scalpel. Separate them from their eternal co-joined quadruplet hell.

Interesting cutting device, but card quadruplets (cardruplets?) had already been mentioned.

JD's Daddy said... Cut em "Real Genius" style! Make sure there is no popcorn in the house.

Real Genius reference COMPLETELY out of nowhere. +3 entries.

I am a lazy sod

I still haven't posted (or edited) my Target Retro blaster break, I haven't dome my WORLD WAR MONKEY post and I haven't announced the winner of the Cut/No Cut contest.


But I will tease you with the prize package at least. By the way, "Cut" won so these cards shall be freed from their panel prison. BOOORN FREEEEEEE....

Since it turned out I was incorrect and I don't have any doubles of these cards, The winner gets to choose one card from each panel as well as one from this panel I found that will also be getting the chop.

Also they get this box set of "Revco League Leaders":

This official Flea Market rookie grab bag:

A mess of completely random oddball cards:

and if they have a request for cards from a team or set, I'll see what I can do.

Entrants into the contest will be announced today, the drawing will be done tonight after the game, the winner will be announced first thing tomorrow morning.

Card of the Week June somethingorother

I'll be straight with ya folks, I'm not in a very writey mood this week. I almost just took a week off, but I figured any posts is better than no posts. Today's (whatever day it happens to be) Card of the Week will be low on word count but high on awesome. Behold:

2007 Allen & Ginter Mariano Rivera black press plate 1/1

A couple reasons why this one got chosen: The obvious, and the fact that I'm trying to ramp myself up for upcoming 2009 Allen & Ginter release. It's sad that I'm having to pump myself up about that product, but I am. While stuff like this isn't helping, the main problem is that I want to get a box on the release date, but I probably won't have the money 'till August. I'm probably just overthinking things though and it will all work out in the end. This card right here though is a reminder of why I love the set in the first place. The mini cards, the ornate frames, the faux lithographs (that were even better in 2007 as seen by Mariano's shadow there) and the vintage 1888 design. If this card can't get me pumped about A&G nothing wil.

This card came from Mr. Kickass himself, Mario at Wax Heaven. He pulled this out of the box of A&G he bought in his early wax-shredding days. We were working on a trade for every Jose Canseco card I owned (yes, all of them) for some Braves when he pulled it and I mentioned that I might be interested in trading for that card at some point when I found something good to trade in return. Then Mario up and sent it to me as a gift for the one year anniversary of this blog. Mario isn't just generous with his directory, he's generous period.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Stuff inna mail: part 2 - ripping off VOTC

Voice of the Collector is attempting to build the massive (but not YSL massive) Upper Deck 20th anniversary set. While I think some are worthy of the cardboard they are printed on, pretty much I see these as filler cards eating up precious pack space so I offered to send him a few. Rob showed his own generosity by sending me back some Bravos. Braves for junk! I'm almost ashamed of myself. Almost. Here's the top 5:

2009 Topps Turkey Red Brian McCann

I'm starting to think the reason I was so dead set against the 2007 version of this set was not the ridiculous short prints but the fact that they bootlegged the design. The original was perfect as it was. Here we have "McCann at dusk".

2009 Bowman Derek Lowe

I'm just going to come right out and say it, I loathe this year's Bowman. I'm sick of the black, I hate the concave borders squeezing the photo, I despise the stupid white patch for the FAKE signature (Rob also sent me Javy Vazquez with a horizontal design and half the damn card is white), I don't like the non-rookie rookie cards screwing up the rest of the rookies in every other set for a decade, I am just utterly sick and tired of this stupid set that Topps won't fix and I wish it would just die. That being said, right now I have an enormous man-crush on new Ace Derek Lowe and seeing him on cardboard wearing a Braves uni gave me a Bowman Boner. Thank goodness I didn't get a Tommy Hanson card or I'd be in real trouble.

2009 Topps Legends of the Game Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones? Legend of the game? Damn skippy.

2009 SPX Brian McCann

This was the first 2009 SPX card I had the pleasure of fondling with my grubby paws. I have to say these are pretty snazzy loking cards. They look like a very high end product - from a decade ago. Open a box of this and party like it's 1999.

1999 Bowman's Best Bruce Chen

See? 1999. one's shiny, the other's thick and chromey, but could you honestly compare these two cards with out the players to tip you off and say which was from which decade? Especially now that Bruce Chen is still in the league (albeit barely) this is a tough call. Maybe SPX is a subtle version of Upper Deck Retro.

Awesome stuff here, if/when I finally break down and start buying boxes of O-Pee-Chee I'll be sure to send more 20th Anniversary card Rob's way.

Stuff inna mail - part 1 Toppswap

Quickie mailday from this weekend. I recently got an offer from JD's dad to help with some 2009 Topps series 1 cards. We hashed out a trade and my side came in the mail this weekend. Included were:

10 2001 Topps cards

With my Target retro box ripped and soprted, (but not posted or YouTubed because I'm lazy) I finally had a wantlist together. Ten were knocked out incliding this nice catcher above.

A whole mess of Turkey Reds


There was at least a dozen in the package but I was too dazzled by Mr. Jones fielding under a purple sky. I have packed up a few Turkey Reds and some assorted pitchers (including a messload of King Felix) to send off. One card I couldn't find is this Lou Gehrig Career Best insert that he's looking for. Can anyone help him out?

Heavyweight Retro Championship of the World: Card 5

The whole "Every celebrity on the planet dying all at the same time" thing has got my mind messed up so I took most of the weekend off. Time to get back on track with card #5.

#1 Heritage Young Hill Stars

This is a pretty cool card, although I'm almost certain James Shields is pasted in. The original Young Hill Stars card from 1960 featured Jack Fisher, Milt Pappas and Jerry Walker.

4 points

#2 Heritage High Joakim Soria

Forget the fact that this guy has his own trading card set, The best part about this card is on the back:

Cha cha cha!

2 points

#3 Goudey Mark Teahen

Ordinarily the sheer blueness of this card would be good for a high score, but poor Mark got caught up in a bad matchup. Story of this career, really.

1 point

fifth round, yadda yadda, scores...

2009 Heritage 12 - 2009 Goudey 11 - 2008 Heritage High Series 11.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heavyweight Retro Championship of the World - Card 4

I'm already a day behind on this. Upper Deck's double barrel rack pack give them an advanage on this one.

#1 Ron Santo Ryne Sandberg Derek Lee Aramis Ramirez 4-in-1 Red

Since the Goudey racks are split into two packs of 8 cards each, it's possible to pull an insert or short print out of either half. This Goudey rack has a Cubs 4-in-1 '35 Goudey insert in it. I actually like these cards better than the base set. Not entirely sure why there are four different color variations when there was only red and blue in the original set (oh, yeah, now I remember, more parallels means soaking set collectors for more money) but I don't mind mixing and matching so no big deal. Normally I loathe all things Cub on this blog, but I've got nothing against Santo or Sandberg.

4 points

#2 Heritage Chad Tracy

I greatly appreciate the beard/no beard photo variations on this card. I also like the pinky-orange peach color to the bottom color bar. I'm not fond of pink cards, but I like peach. Go figure. The real genius of this card is on the back:

Chad's charity is responsible for teaching Ed Norton how to read. Nobody gets this reference, do they. You're all thinking about Fight Club now. Sigh, no one studies the classics anymore.

2 points

#3 Heritage High Miguel Tejada

Miggy should have beat Tracy, but I can't see Tejada in any uniform other than A's green without feeling uneasy. Besides, it was just discovered that the copyright was falsified and that this card is from 2006 and not 2008. I feel obligated to give equal time to Tejada's cartoon, but I can't think of a joke that isn't rude.

You guys make up your own captions on this one. After the MJ stuff VOTC sent me yesterday I'm sure there will be some good ones.

1 point

A quarter way through the battle, there are the standings:

2009 Goudey 10 - 2008 Heritage High Series 9 - 2009 Heritage 8.

Friday, June 26, 2009

O-Pee-Chee Blowout Pack 7

LAST ONE! Everyone can go party now that I'm done with O-Pee Chee.

199 Jorge Campillo
148 Kevin Gregg black
NY-1 CC Sabathia Yankee Stadium
574 Phil Coke Rookie DP
426 Justin Verlander

For those keeping score at home, that's 7 Braves in 9 packs. What are the odds? Looks like I'm building a Braves Team set at the very least. Is anyone else sick of Yankee Rookie pitchers? It seems like there are one or two that end up in every single set each year and nothing comes of any of them because The Yankees invariable just go out and spend a half billion dollars on starting pitchers every year. Sean Henn, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and now Phil Coke. Just go away already. Speaking of the Damn Yankees, why are the Yankee Stadium tribute cards glossy and over twice as thick as the other cards? All I can figure is that they are some sort of weird decoy card for the relics. And we finish up with:

Justin Verlander. Finally, the O-Pee-Chee packs are over...

O-Pee-Chee Blowout Pack 6

Only two more packs to post in this incredibly popular series. I'm pretty sure I'm getting negative hits now.

437 David Murphy
228 Alex Hinshaw
AW18 Evan Longoria AL ROY
110 Adrian Gonzalez black
593 Koji Uhehara Rookie DP
82 Mark Hendrickson

I like the marquee design of the Award cards. Very Broadway. Getting black border parallel cards of Greinke and Gonzalez back to back is pretty cool. I should build a black border set, I only need 591 more cards. I'm not sure how I feel about the rookie subset cards. The retro *ROOKIE* border and the MLB RC logo clash.

O-Pee-Chee Blowout Pack 5

My Braves Mojo continues in this pack. I'm been ridicuously lucky pulling Braves in this set actually.

128 Rafael Perez
31 Martin Prado
62 Jeff Francoeur
39 Zach Greinke black
575 Trevor Cahill rookie DP
357 Russ Springer

That Black border Greinke card looks freaking amazing. '71 Who? Got two more Bravos in this pack, our second baseman of the future and our right fielder of the past. We coulda traded Francoeur for Greinke at one point but the trade never materialized.

I know Jeff, I can't believe it either.

O-Pee-Chee Blowout Pack 4

The next two packs I got after deciding that this O-Pee-Chee stuff wasn't so bad. It was a wise decision.

139 Ben Zobrist
295 Yunel Escobar
142 Edwin Encarnacion
AR9 Jair Jurrjens All-Rookie Team
294 Tom Gorzelanny black
502 White Sox DP

I was already really happy just to see the Yunie card when the JJ insert popped up. Can we have a recount on the 2008 Rookie of the Year vote after a certain Cubbie got caught hitting the bong? I also like how the border colors are consistent for each team and I really like how the Braves' colors are blue and purple. For the record, Braves borders in 1976 were the same light blue and orange.

Check out the sweet stadium card:

After seeing this, I might abandon my Timelines quest and go for the O-Pee-Chee stadiums instead.

O-Pee-Chee Blowout Pack 3

Ok, back to the blowout. The power blew out while I was in the middle of this resulting in a slight delay.

This here is the pack that really made me fall in love with O-Pee-Chee. Ok, so it was sort of a short fling. You know how summer loves go.

53 B.J. Upton
124 Heath Bell
460 Roy Halliday
257 Pedro Feliz black
1005 Tiger Woods 20th anniversary
556 Chipper Jones Moments DP

That is a bad-ass Halladay card. I hope Sooz has it already so I can hold on to that one. The Chipper Jones Moments card would normally be the best card in any pack I opened (How the hell did Chipper not get selected to a single All-Star Game from 2002-2007?), but...

Tiger Woods 1997 Masters card wins. I watched every damn minute of that final round and I was going nuts the whole time. This card will not leave my collection.

O-Pee-Chee Blowout Pack 2

Goin' through these quick... no time to dawdle.

129 Carlos Gomez
392 Tim Wakefield
359 Corey Hart black
594 Rick Porcello Rookie DP
15 Nate McLouth
479 Orlando Cabrera

Another decent pack. Porcello is looking like a Rookie of the Year winner right now for the Tigers. I also like pulling any Tim Wakefield card out of a pack. There aren't enough knuckleballers out there. Mate McLouth is a nice pickup for this Braves fan as well.

O-Pee-Chee Blowout Pack 1

Allen & Ginter releases on July 8th and I have determined that while O-Pee-Chee is nice and all, I simply don't have time to mess with it. So I'm posting all the packs I've bought today and will be sending the base cards (minus the Braves of course) off to Sooz for her auto project. In three months the stuff will be all over the place at a discount or the Topps injunction will have made it so expensive that I wouldn't have a shot at a set anyway. Either way is fine with me. Let's do this.

181 Cory Wade
430 Nick Markakis
262 Kelly Johnson black
553 Kevin Youkilis Moments DP
138 J.P. Howell
276 Cliff Floyd
This was the second pack I opened and it make up for that stinker of a first pack. Kelly Johnson once again was the first Brave pulled out of a product. I think that's the 4th time this year that's happened. The Markakis card is snazzy. That's how a posed card in front of a blank wall should be done. There was a nifty photo of Cliff Floyd on his card too, but Blogger ate the picture and I'm not uploading it a second time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft

Ok, the shock has worn off so it's time to get back to sports stuff.

The NBA draft is going on right now. I've missed the first few picks and I don't really care to be honest. The only pick I care about is #19 to the Hawks. Now traditionally, draft day in Atlanta is when the Hawks do something horrifically stupid and ruin their franchise for the next few years. The've done pretty well with Josh Smith and Al Horford recently though so the mood isn't as dismal in Atlanta as it usually is. The Hawks' beat writer seems to think a point guard is in our future, but the Hawks are also enamoured with a big white guy. "Hawks Draft" and "Big White Guy" go together much like nitro and glycerin. Boom goes the draft board. No matter what happens though we did get one needed piece:

Picking up a guy who can score for Acie Law and Cripple Claxton is a helluva move.

The Pick:

Jeff Teague - point guard, Wake Forest.

Whew. I can go to bed happy now.


Michael Jackson just suffered cardiac arrest at his home.

TMZ just reported he has died. Gawker too. Also some disreputable sources.

This is not happening.


Heavyweight Retro Championship of the World - Card 3

I have to be diligent about this and post at least one round a day or else I'll be finishing this up around Halloween.

#1 Heritage High Series Dioner Navarro

Catcher's mask and helmet perched upon a regular cap while Dioner sport sthe cool shades and a bad ass look on his face. If this card had come out in 1959 it would have made many straight-laced Eisenhower Era collectors wet their britches.

5 points

#2 Goudey Garret Anderson

Ok, so Braves don't always automatically win. Even if Garret was in a Braves uni and was living up to the absurdly high expectations Braves fans had for an end-of-career stopgap corner outfielder he wouldn't have beat bad-ass Dioner.

3 points

#3 Heritage Brandon Lyon

This one's pretty meh all around. There's a building a I guess. And Brandon's got a goatee. And it's red and blue. Yawn.

1 point

At the end of three:

2008 Heritage High Series 8 - 2009 Heritage 6 - 2009 Goudey 6.

(Don't Forget! Contest!)

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Awesomeness

A telegram arrived in the mail...

Hellhounds are on my trail...

This can mean only one thing.

Full review tonight.