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Monday, June 15, 2009

Facebook and Twitter

If anybody wants to be my buddypal you can find me on Facebook here. I only have one rule - I actually have to know who you are. If we've traded before, you have a blog that I know about or if you comment regularly you're in. If you've been lurking for 2 years and only posted anonymously once I'll probably think you're a freaky stalker and ignore you. Not that there's anything wrong with freaky stalkers - I just want to get to know you first.

I'm also considering getting a Twitter account. I follow the Amazon MP3 deals religiously and apparently there is a lot of interest among the card blogs now. Now that I am convinced that it's not just a big fad and actually has some redeeming social value I'm willing to join and post if anyone's interested in hearing what I have to say.


Andrew said...

Social networking steals your soul.

dayf said...

I already sold that long ago so there's nothing to steal.

Andrew said...

Oh, well then, get tweeting.

dinged corners said...

We have no idea what to do with Twitter, we rarely tweet, we have no social networking accounts other than that one, and we suspect that Twitter will either a) fade away soonish or b) save thousands of people during a disaster of some kind and become a permanent cultural fixture.

Anyway, we decided to provide a public service by listing baseball card twittererrers and watching everyone tweet with panache. You oughta do it, you'll be great, but we'll remain in the stands unless eventually we buy a clue.