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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009 O-Pee-Chee is apparently live

The 1971 Topps retro cards are dead, dead, dead though. Upper Deck should have saved themselves the hassle and just called this 2009 Fleer. Here are the early reports and pack rips, check it out for yourself.

A Pack To Be Named Later: 1 pack

Crackin' Wax: 4 packs

Long Fly Ball To Because... with comparison of the promised '71 Topps design with the actual black border parallels.

The design reminds me just a bit like '76 Topps. The 600 card set in six card packs with bloody short prints is just a rip off. Put it in 10 card packs, kill the SPs and call it Fleer and you might have something I'd buy. Right now, it appears that I might buy a pack or two out of curiosity but not much more than that.

Update: Reaction from the Canadian collectors who were once so proud that their heritage was reborn, but now their hopes have been cruelley dashed much like their dreams of a functioning Parlaiment.

Trader Crack is upset by the 'bait and switch' and I can't blame him. This stuff had to have been printed weeks ago and there was no indication from Upper deck that the '71s they showed off prominently on their pre-sell sheets were nixed. This is really no better than Topps' Mayo shenanigans (I want my McLovin autograph dammit!).

Waxaholic is not so much upset as in Berzerker mode. Remember in A Christmas Story when the dogs broke in and ate the turkey and the dad yelled "GGGDDDDMMMNNN BBBMMMPPSSSSSEESSSS1!!!!!!"? Yeah, he's that mad.


Anonymous said...

You've summed up my feelings pretty well. The six card packs and short prints kill a set I would have wanted to collect.

The lack of 71 OPC inserts is disappointing, but not a deal breaker for me.... I just wonder how UD could use modified Topps designs for their Vintage line a few years ago, but can't use OPC designs now.

night owl said...

Yeah, six cards in a pack? This set-collector will be bowing out of another one.

Anonymous said...

The '71 subset was the only reason I was going to buy OPC at all. Cripes - it got me back into baseball after not having bought any since 1991.

Maybe I'll have to go after the real thing instead. 1971 OPC could be fun....


Chris Harris said...

There really aren't any SPs in this set. You get one card from the last 100 cards in the base set in every pack; but you only get four cards from the 500-card short set.

That means that you'll need 100 packs (assuming perfect collation) to get the "SPs," but 125 for the rest of the set.

But still, the six-card packs are too small, and this really is 2009 Fleer Tradition in disguise.

GOGOSOX60 said...

Now I remember why i don't buy Upper Deck. They could have ALMOST had me buying some packs. Topps Heritage has nothing to worry about for those "heritage" collectors. A fun retro pack with 15 cards would have been like buying cards 20 years ago.

Maybe if people dump singles on EBAY?

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Is it me or my eyes or people's scanners? It appears that a lot of these cards have serious roller marks or printing errors or whatever you want to call them on the front of the cards.

Billy Suter said...