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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009 Topps Series Two Hobby Packs - Jackie vs. Mickey - Card 10

I have a cold today and I just don't feel like writing anything at all. This is the last card in both the Topps packs though and the winner essentially decides who takes all the marbles. Mickey is up 5-4, but he had a David Wright filler card in there which automatically docks him a half point. Here are your choices, vote for the winning pack:

Jackie Robinson pack last card:

Card front: See what I mean about cropping the photo tight? Would this be a better card if we could see the pitcher's mound? I think not.

Card back: In '07 Chris was the first opening day starter in history to not make another appearance for the team that year. That's somewhat surprising. I think my favorite top o' the card stat is 'Lowest Career OPS Against' just for the crazy low OPS totals. Jack Wilson has an .086 OPS lifetime against Chris. That's like, a full 100 points below his career OPS against everyone else!

*waits for the Pirate hate mail*

Mickey Mantle pack last card:

Card front: ANKLE, YAARRRGH. Actually, you can kinda see some dudes hanging out in the dugout so that's cool.

Card back: 'Lowest Career OPS Against' for Ervin: Kurt Suzuki at .118. I'm disappointed he didn't have someone under .100. Ervin was pretty good last year with a 16-7 record, 214 Ks and 3.49 ERA. I hope the arm problems he's suffering don't derail him this year. As far as card back name dropping goes, Ervin's got a pretty good one: Nolan Ryan, who like Ervin, had at least 7 straight starts with 7 Ks.


Chris is back from a full scale arm blowout and is pitching well. Ervin is an up and comer, but he's got a sore arm. I'll be honest, I'm leading toward Chris (mainly so Madding doesn't get mad at me again) but I'm not going to decide the winner of the pack battle, you are.

Vote for the winner of the battle in the comments. I'll pick up a pack featuring the winner next time I hit the local card shop and rip it for ya'll.

Jackie Robinson 4, Mickey Mantle 4 1/2


Matt Runyon said...


Drew said...

chris carpenter

Slette said...

I gotta go with the Carp, too.

Captain Canuck said...

I'm going with Carpenter.


Just so a damn Yankee doesn't win anything.

Kevin said...

Carp really has the better photo and I think it's great that he's back from the dead this year...but I definitely agree with Captain Canuck's rationale as well.

Chris Carpenter is my vote.

madding said...

Carp recently kicked the tobacco habit during his latest DL stint. That's not exactly why I'm voting for him, of course, but I felt like sharing that anyway for some reason.

Carpenter games also seem to range in the 2:00 to 2:20 range. I'm not saying I hate slugfests or anything, but it's nice when I can free up an extra 30-60 minutes of my night and dedicate it to something other than TV.

Also... give me all your Chris Carpenter cards!!! Thanks.

ernest of canada said...

i'll continue the unanimous streak in the name of better photo cropping.