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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why the hell am I watching Caddyshack 2

Seriously. Dear God, that movie is dreadful. Just the friggin gadgets Jackie Mason uses makes it too embarrassingly painful to watch. Not even Ted Knight could have saved that mess. I need to do something productive to break me away from the mesmerising awfulness. Like post the third pack from my retro Target box. This is the one with the good card!

Pack 3:
313 Jamey Carroll
157 Haren & Webb Classic Combos
176 League Leaders AL RBI
270 Tris Speaker SP variation
TTT11 Nick Markakis
144 Matt Tuiasosopo RC
322 John Buck
214 Scott Elbert RC

Wooooo! Got my first SP variation. I always associated Speaker with the Red Sox, but he actually played more years with the Indians. Too bad I don't know any Indians fans who would want to trade for this thing. The short print variations thankfully are not printed on the retro stock. They are too tough to find in teh first place, we don't need three different versions. I just sorted in the retro cards into my set and this turned out to be a not-so-good box. Most of the cards I got I already had a white or black bordered version. Even the Topps Town cards were doubles down to the Gold card. Oh well, nothing left to do but DANCE

Hello mah baby, hello mah darlin, hello mah ragtime gal...

Look at Matt dancin! Dance Matt, dance! I think he's doing the French Mistake.

Ok, good news is I have my Topps Series 1 want list together. Bad news is I'm not posting it right away. I have about 10 other packages to get together before I start on a Topps trading binge. I'll post it soon though. Also, the video for this box break will hopefully be posted tomorrow night. Maybe Tuesday. Labor Day at the latest. I've got all the cards scanned so I can keep doling out bits of the box until I get my act together. Back to Caddyshack 2...



beardy said...

Yeah, Caddyshack 2 is AWFUL! I have attempted to watch it, and didn't make it very far. As far as sequels go, it's pretty weak. It's definitely no Weekend At Bernie's 2, that's for damn sure.

Steve Gierman said...

In future conversations, you will refer to me as... uh, Mr. Sanderson and I will refer to you as... uh, Mrs. Esterhouse.

dayf said...

You see, that's it right there... Even a perfectly good joke like calling Robert Stack Mrs. Easterhouse throughout the whole movie is destroyed by Akroyd's cheesy delivery. It's like he showed up drunk to the first day of shooting did that awful accent as a goof and the director made him keep it up through the rest of the shoot. Ugh, that movie is terrible in so many ways.

Steve Gierman said...

I totally agree, but there's something about watching a train wreck with so many supposedly talented people.

It's stupendously bad but i can't... look... away.

--David said...

Yeah, it is too bad you don't know of any Indians fans that would cheerfully kill, er, trade, for the Tris Speaker card...

David said...

Yep - one of the worst sequels ever...

The Baseball Card Snob said...

At least the Blazing Saddles clip was great. I miss the funny Mel Brooks.

Attempted to watch Caddyshack 2, but it's unwatchable.

Anyone remember the ESPN promo?

Best Movie about caddys - Caddyshack
Worst Movie about caddys - Caddyshack 2