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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trades again - Aughts from Ben

I'm a poet and never even realized...

I'mnot catching up on this trade, because I just recently got this in the mail from Ben. I sent him some '89 Bowman and '81 Topps and got three I needed for my 2000 Topps set:

Aussie Dave Nilsson is sporting the full catcher's gear on this card. It looks like he's waiting for a throw as he blocks the plate.

I can't remember a dang thing about John Valentin. I also consistently got him confused with Javier Valentin. Or was it Jose Valentin? Hell, I don't know. I wish I had scanned the back because John is making an interesting frowny face.

You can't see it because of the completely unscannable foil, but this subset is called "20th Century's Best". So why is One-Dog one of the 20th Century's Best? Because he was the active leader in triples at the end of 1999. He beat out future Hall of Famer Tim Raines 117 to 112.

So why am I trying to complete 2000 Topps? I like the design. It's fairly simple and doesn't get in the way of the photo. There's a few good subsets like 20th Century's Best and Magic Moments (Although I'm not bothering with the variations). Topps went on a Hank Aaron kick that year which was fun. Finally, I'm only missing 32 base cards and I have the complete Traded set soit's the easiest Topps set from this century for me to tackle. If anyone needs some '00s for their own set let me know, I have too many doubles. Thanks again to Ben for chipping away at my list!


Unknown said...

Valentin is doing part time pregame/postgame shos for the red sox. He has that same look on his face.

Andrew V said...

Valentine is the only player to hit for the cycle and turn an unassited triple play.